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17 374 views | 19 Apr. 2019
17 374 views | 19 Apr. 2019

r/SUPERNOVA REVENGE - DON'T SCREW YOUR PATIENT [REUPLOAD] - r/SuperNova Revenge is a Reddit subreddit for people to post about their (((SUPER NOVA revenge stories))), where they take the MOST EXTREME revenge on people who did them wrong, often resulting in some rather INTENSE, interesting and satisfying stories!

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JAZZ ZZubelik

I wonder why the man just did try moving out of the country


Yeah I'll skip this one I already read it on an another youtube channel

Little Mr Pinkness

That insurance guy had to have been getting paid under the table. Golly, why wouldn't he just trust the doctor's explanation? I mean, if he thought it might be a mistake then fine, discuss it more thoroughly with the doctor. I get it, sometimes the doc might not have thought it through, so it's good to question it honestly.

Also, I think he is someone who has never experienced major pain, so that is why he was so unsympathetic. There needs to be a conversation about that.

A few years ago I had a major abdominal infection that became septic. (Septic means more than one organ.) All my organs were affected, to one degree or another. I was in ICU for six weeks, and nearly died.

They ended up doing surgery. In surgery my organs were coming apart like tissue, they literally poured saline into my abdomen and vacuumed it out, along with little bits of organs. Then they had to sew everything up, but I lost a significant portion of my intestines, and to this day still have an Ileostomy.

My whole body hurt for like a year and a half afterward. I had many many doctor's appointments that they used a MedCar to take me back and forth to. Every bump in the road made me scream in agony. For pain they had me on Dilaudid for awhile, added Norco (I was alternating them), then took me off of those and wound up putting me on Subutex (an opiate) for the pain.

Pain is a subjective thing, they are unable to independently detect it with any instrument. I wish they could, I think that would be a serious game changer for the medical profession.

Don't take pain lightly. If you are having pain, there is something wrong. Demand something to allieviate the pain. You should not have to go through that.

A twelve hour pain-filled ride home? Burn that man!!! That was malicious.

Imaginos Desdinova

Hope your cat is growing well!

Billy Berserk

I use to work in the medical field insurance liaisons get kickbacks from the insurance companies for saving them money its real sleazeball shit but it really happens.

Merc Kitsuné

Hate, and the thirst for revenge makes a man endure the most horrible pain....that, and analegesics.


This story gets me. That guy earned his black listing


So was there no way to tell the hospital liaison that they didn't want to 'F off'?

Because I would've said it flat out

Nick Hardy

you are that other reddit guy but slowed down a bit

John Neal

Power trip it sounds like if he was on about the number of pillows somebody can have.What a little jumped up bastard


Naa Water supply and waste management is a branch of civil engineering..

Seval Alrik

It takes a special kind of hate to willingly put yourself at risk for revenge, and I applaud that man for it.


12 hours of screaming in pain? welcome to canada hospitals where they measure your waiting time in hours and not minutes lol!

Queen Sunstar

I had flashbacks to that time I had to wear a device to widen my upper palate. You have a key you use each day to widen it. Three twists a day right before bed. It hurt. I bet the pain I dealt with was mild to what OP had to face though.

skyfrost_ rouge


Piontro Pechetrini

that procedure is done for people with dwarfism.


I would of sued... just saying 12 hours of pain is worth getting some money out of it.


Do you water your cat regularly?

Shizuko Rose KTK

I like that doctor. That man was out of place.

Hospital should have sued the man too.

He had no damn bussiness putting his opinion into someone's else's problems. Had he just minded his bussiness and did as told he would have still had his job and career.

Moral of the story: mind your bussiness.


Hey dude. The sudden unnecessarily large amount of censorship?
Because after 100 subs YouTubers start being demonetized / getting strikes. (3 strikes and then it's termination I think)
Great job on the subs been here since 25, now we at 2k (in like 1 month)

Robin Currie

I found this video and the only reason I am subscribing because u need to feed your cat XD

AJ McRobert

I had something like this happen, but much more minor. I had back surgery a long time ago when they weren't as easy to do. Afterward, I was dying and kept asking for more pain medication. They stopped after a bit and accused me of being a heroin addict. I look over 24 hours later and see it dripping onto the ground. I pushed the button to call the nurse but no one came because I had done it so many times. Finally she came in and I yelled "look!" She hooks up the drip properly but didn't lower the settings lol.

All of the commotion got me so worked up and I developed a fever of 104. To treat me, they put a cold blanket on me...but forgot to turn it on. I got to 105. I'm not sure my dad has been angrier. They were supposed to call my parents if anything happened because I was 15 and didn't call.

Live Life Freely

Seriously it sounds like the patient would not have been in pain had he not sabotaged his treatment just to get back at this guy.

Jordan Beebe

I can imagine being in that much pain for that long because 1 I have seizures and 2 my joints usually dislocate from their positions when I have one and because it is the joints they are basically somewhat floating around and any kind of pressure can cause it to press against the nerves and so on sooo yeah


Lying for his own benefit? He probably was getting kickbacks from the insurance companies for saying no.

Shiro Dragon

I'm shock the Op didn't faint form the 12 hour of pain. It much have been so much pain that even being unconscious were not help. Also couldn't his parents sue that guy or the insurances company for what they but their child though?

ingrid santos

Is horrible 12 hours !? In my coutry thats torture by law...

RC 「Reddit Chronicles」

In case anyone missed it, this is a reupload (please see description) of an old video.

honey b

that title is me to my uterus

The Brownie Man

Hm, cat, but this won't do...

nunya bisnass

The man seemed like he was sour because he felt a false sense of authority, and mistakenly thought that he could get back at the doctor through the patient over being lambasted.

Its actually good that he got blacklisted, because it would only have been a matter time before he did something like this again, and may have resulted in their death.


Please do a tldr at the end, almost everyone hates spoilers

Jekub Fimbulwing

Little Mans Syndrome, he was told he wasn't needed so, he punished some one for telling him that.

Eunae Kim

To that insurance liaison - if you are reading this comment and it is 2021 or later, please don't think you can come back to hospital work, because as far as I'm aware you are still on the blacklist!