LOTRO | Episode 531: Old Quests

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LOTRO | Episode 531: Old Quests

502 views | 26 Mar. 2020
502 views | 26 Mar. 2020

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Is it possible to 100% an MMO? That is exactly what Renaissance Gaming attempts to do in this project. This series is split up into seasons. Each season covers every quest and every deed for one region. Join the fellowship and experience the best and most under-rated MMO of all times, The Lord of the Rings Online. You can find a spreadsheet that contains every quest, deed, and completion status for all regions of the game at http://www.RenaissanceGaming.net/lotro.html



The only massively-multiplayer role-playing game set in J.R.R. Tokien's Middle-earth. Travel with your Fellowship in the fight against the forces of Sauron. Across the wide lands of Middle-earth, the Free Peoples must face the threatening Shadow growing in the East. All of Mordor is stirring as Sauron dispatches the Nazgûl to hunt for the Ring. The rumor of war brings forth many eager adventurers who will find their place among the great events of the Third Age.


Moria is still one of my favorite zones in the game.


I didn't know about this questchain in moria. Thanks to you i discovered it now.

Jadon Marquez

just out of curiosity, what is the cosmetic outfit you are wearing in the begining?

Lára Arnarsdóttir

They restored one quest in the intro (Archet) area, when Legendary Servers came out, but unfortunately there's no way you can complete it with your current character :(


Love seeing the original areas. Good job, appreciate the videos!