Candy Crush Level 3694 Talkthrough, 25 Moves 0 Boosters

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Candy Crush Level 3694 Talkthrough, 25 Moves 0 Boosters

4 095 views | 18 Jan. 2020
4 095 views | 18 Jan. 2020

Suzy, The Candy Crush Guru at Help for Candy Crush with an audio talkthrough of tips, hints, tricks, and strategies.

Ryanvir singh Grewal


Tash Rossiter

Thank you so much I have just got out

Claudia Misage

Holy cow.....what did you just do?? Seven tries, hummmmm. Seven days here but after watching you maybe that will be the trick. Hope you and your are fine and dandy, ok here I go. Thanks, love ❤️

Jake King

Hi Suzy, I finally ended up getting a lucky board to get through level 3860. Then an offer popped up on my board for $33.99 for four days of unlimited play. So I know it goes against your grain to pay for anything On this game, however I’m stuck at home trying to stay away from the virus and I’m doing all my own cooking and not spending money on gas, so having unlimited play with a handful of some free boosters thrown in seemed like a deal to me. Obviously the biggest plus is that I can play endlessly when I’m in the mood because Lord knows I need the practice. But being sincere , I really am getting better from playing more and Again I’m glad you were on this level because I knew collecting the keys was correct , but I never figured that the two wrapped/wrapped would appear in that spot. I actually was able to create a wrapped/wrapped while trying to collect keys....but obviously that took away my time from collecting all the keys. So once again, see how much you are needed. I can tell by reading your comments that your fans really appreciate you. I know I do. You probably would’ve had a special request from me by now but what I have done is gone and looked at the other non-speaking posters for CCS just to see what the strategy was for advancing. Please don’t think I’m cheating on you because I don’t enjoy going to the others... Believe me it’s a last resort. Jake


As always you are very helpful thank you

norah karimi

Thank you.

Anita W

Your candy crush videos with audio have helped me passed many hard levels. Thank you very much.

Marlia Morrell

I must be having one of those days I can't figure out 3693 any chance you have any pointers?

Heather Bennett

I've nearly lost my sanity on this level. lol I will give it another try. :)

vette Nan

Girl! I cant even get pass 2 keys! After a week of trying


Great i can get off now so hard lol


Suzy is excellent!