Budget Cigar: Nica Libre 1990 Review

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Budget Cigar: Nica Libre 1990 Review

1 461 views | 31 Jan. 2019
1 461 views | 31 Jan. 2019


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Metal Detecting Adventures

I call it a poor mans padron i have 4 boxes in my big humi definitly one of my go to cigars, on a side note i am waiting for my last order from bid to come in i am sending you a couple to try actually glad you did this one they are great sticks for the price.

Hannah Gomez

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE CIGAR!!!. I bought a box of 20 and those cigars are really bad dude. The draw is so lose it feels the cigar just has a hole in it and air just flows in. Appearance is fine. The cigar is very, very soft. It burns evenly. Yes, it smells OK, not awesome, just OK, but the draw is very bad. Maybe I got a bad batch but I smoked 3 of them and it was the same with all 3. I would not recommend them, but that’s just me. Thanks for your review.

Dale McMahon

I als love Cigar Page for their awesome prices on 5 packs. Cigar international has a 20 count of various sizes of Nica Libre for $44.

Glfjunke 2

I buy them all the time. Usually $2.50. Great value. Proving that price does not always dictate quality.


I could understand your infusion flavor as fresh Spanish ceder wood? Don’t you think?

Dan O

I believe It was me that suggested this one. I have enjoyed many of these. I don't remember ever seeing the color change in the wrapper and I've smoked at least a couple dozen of them. Glad you enjoyed it.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.


Damn, dude. I went hunting for a video on this stick from all of my usual cigar-related channels and none of them had it. Appreciate that you did it and you did it well. Cheers.