Mitski - Me And My Husband (Lyrics)

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Mitski - Me And My Husband (Lyrics)

521 578 views | 15 Oct. 2020
521 578 views | 15 Oct. 2020

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A lot of people are saying they think this is about a toxic relationship, but I don't think so. I know how Mitski has spoken about the song but I see it as a woman who is hopeless in life, maybe she feels worthless, maybe things are far too stressful. And she feels life is so short and she's wasting it by feeling so negative, but her husband feels the same way, and when the two are together, even when life fuckin sucks (as it so often does), they've got each other. And she trusts that he'll help her, and she'll help him, and it'll always just be the two of them together. And no matter what happens, so long as they got each other, they'll be okay

coochie destroyer

when she says "and i am an idiot with a painted face in the corner taking up space" it gives me chills EVERYTIME

sadie lady

Only get to like if you're not from tiktok

Cecile -Chan

I'm a single lady but this song sounds so good lmao


Either this song is about a toxic relationship and she’s trying to convince herself that her husband isn’t abusive, or she believes the whole world thinks she an idiot and the only person in her life that doesn’t think that is her husband. To me it could be either one.

Abigail Zaragoza

guys why is literally everyone turning off coments. did we anger the comment gods? who must we sacrifice to attain their favour once more?

atsumus wife ange


Sabina Bucătaru

gone girl vibes, for sure

Shersad Ali




Nadia Xoxo


kieran, the idiot

i hate the way this song makes me feel but i keep coming back to it


Idk why but I love when she says “and at least in the life time we’re sticking together”

Emmy De La Mora

I’d like the artist to straight up tell us what she meant with the lyrics sense everyone seems to see a different hidden meaning


I saw a cute ship edit on instagram with this song so I came to search for it because the lyrics sounded wholesome, just to come across the comments of people saying that this is an toxic relationship. Damn, dude, did all the innocent and romantic songs cease to exist?

Simone Oliver

TikTok brought me here


A lot of people get this song completely wrong. I think it's white women who hate white men want to project their hatered into mitski who loves white men and she's a bi japanese woman.

Warren Keystone

Hey, just so anyone's confused with the interpretation of the lyrics, it is NOT a love song at all, and Genius along with links to her talking about it in interviews confirms that it's a representation of what it feels like to be dependent on a partner that, while makes you feel like less shit, is shitty to you nonetheless

Clem Armstrong

Not me thinking of princess Diana and Charles.


this song seems nice on the surface but you could also look at it in another perspective: her husband has been telling her she is nothing without him, she is just an idiot with a painted face, taking up space. the whole world hates her for being her, and that he is the only one for her that can give her life any meaning.

Rinad Mohammed

I first heard this song on a tik tok and started crying for god knows why i was so confused so i came to hear the song and even tho i am young and i don't have a love life it makes me cry

hdd ak

"At least in this lifetime, we're sticking together" DOES THIS MEAN WHAT I THINK IT MEANS

lana shahin

I’m really confused cuz idk if this is about a toxic relationship cuz she says “but when he walks in i am loved” that’s where I think that it’s not about a toxic relationship but when she said “me and my husband we are doing better” then it makes me think that it is about a toxic relationship

Unknown Weeb

This song reminds me of victuri I am imagine yuri signing this about victor probably before a competition


This song makes feel an emotion I can't describe-



Eden Rose

I relate with this fuckin ✨HEAVILY✨


This is literally maxi and riftan

Warren Keystone

Heloise convincing herself she doesn't need Marianne:

Fukiee Jeon

when he walked in, i was loved

Sandhu Hargun Kaur


Grumpy Orca

Y’all I was literally so happy what do you mean this is about domestic abuse



Im 14...but somehow im drawn to this song...theres a deep meaning behind this but...i cant exacly find it

fafa qarayeva

1:15 thank me later uvu

Star Sammi

Y’all slow af this song is literally not about toxic relationships it’s literally the opposite

Queenbee192 Rose

Honestly this song is okay I guess

Ava Godenschwager

1:16 is the best part

arosvxrn !

this song just radiates quackity and schlatt energy before schlatt died
/dsmp /rp

Grace Merrett


curdraw_ 237

Why do I image midnight thinking in oboro..???? Ok, thanks to this I'm gonna cry. Yes


Tbh I feel like this song portrays a woman in denial of her relationship with her husband


This song makes me think of Venus Angelic and her toxic mother :(

feera arodoeht



I just--- can't not think about Tommy and Tubbo

Katia Arcos

Well damn this is making me wanna cry and beg for them to forgive me in real life-


* "so i bet all that i have on that furrowed brow"*

Why does this sound like Narcissa Malfoy singing about Lucious Malfoy?

Bangtan Boys

This song has a weird vibe to it..

just passing by

i have been feeling overly sad lately and im not diagnosed with depression so this song just makes me feel better.


This song is literally for my sister and her girlfriend.


why do i see this as more of a stockholm syndrome approach? like she sees herself as less than becuase she has been manipulated to but then when her husband is there, she feels as if he is her refuge but he is hurting her? like she sees him as safe but knows he has problems? she has an abusive husband but has been manipulated to take his abuse as something he just does? idk the tiktoks have led me to feel this way

euly. _

Why does this song remember me of Paolo And Francesca from the Comedia(Dante)



Lois Eliza

pov for this song: tomorrow i’m getting married to prince oliver of italy. although many women would kill to marry him i would not, this isn’t my choice it’s in arranged marriage... my whole life i’ve been forced to prepare for tomorrow even though i have never wanted it to happen- i would love to explore the world and be a painter but from tomorrow until the day i die i will be stuck with my ‘husband’ whom i do not love. im writing this in the woods nearby to my castle- savouring the last few hours of my life that i can actually control before my freedom is stolen from me by a prince that i do not care for. as of tomorrow i will have to act as if i love him, act as if he is the one who makes me feel truly alive when it is quite the opposite. it will be exhausting having to lie for the rest of my life.


I see this song being used on The Haunting of Bly Manor edits for Rebecca Jessel and Peter Quint.. very suiting.

Queer Ace

Does anyone know the song at the end?

Shyanne Vasquez

This is the most aggressively straight song I’ve ever heard in my whole life.

Kenna Claire

She sounds like Emily prentiss


This song reminds me of Honey Sugarman so much.


I always cry at the part where she sings "when he walks in I am loved" her voice sounds so pretty

Aiyana Raine

like it or not this song reminds me of Lavender brown



ciaran oneill

tiktok ruined this soing

Shoto Todoroki

why does this song remind me of rapunzle

Deeds To The Deeder

I honestly have no idea why people think this song is about a toxic relationship. The song is literally her having a close bond with her husband, and knowing that he loves her... like ???


I heard this song in my dream even though I have never heard of this song when I woke up I immediately searched it up and found it well I dont regret it

A n g e l i n a

Lemme just save this for myself

Isabella Valdez


hello world

to me this is about my immigrant parents’ relationship. whatever romance they may have had died long before i was born, but they’ve been through everything together. they’ve never even lived alone - they got an arranged marriage straight from their own parents’ homes. it’s always been him and her together. they have moved to three countries - bangladesh, canada, germany - with only each other, without even understanding the language of the country, and braved through poverty and four loud children. “i am the idiot in the corner, taking up space, but when he walks in, i am loved, i am loved”. in a world of all white people, the alienation my parents must feel is likely much bigger than mine, being less fluent in english and not being born and raised here like i have. they sort of rely on each other in public settings. this line, “me and my husband, we are sticking together. in this lifetime, we are sticking together, “ makes me think of how even though my sister says my dad is abusive and i hate him with every inch of my being and my mother deserves someone better (even though she’s homophobic and it makes it hard to care for her because of that) i know they’re never going to separate. because of cultural norms and the fear of being the divorced parents they criticize others for. and they have been doing better. or they were, for a brief window in time before they started arguing again. i wish they would separate

Akaya Mo

The ”I bet all I have in that furrowed brow” just hits different everytime


Any Mitski Fan Here

suzan etornam



mitski made a song about liking a man? I would have she was a 100% a lesbian or at least bisexual lol

Simone Oliver

This should be the theme song for WandaVision




I always thought this song was about a women who is ignored and feels like she's just "taking up space" but when her husband walks in, all the attention goes to her and her husband. I always imagined it like her husband was famous and no one really mentions her name until you see them together, so when they are finally seen together people are like "hey that's _____ wife!", and she likes when that happens because she finally feels loved by someone. Idk that probably sounds dumb and confusing but

Lucija Pavlečić

i was in a relationship like this needing approval and love from the other person so i can love myself... now that it ended idk how to love myself by myself.

Strawberry Tubbo_


sister kurt

I don’t think this song is about a toxic relationship. I think the line “when he walks in I am loved” means that they only love/think of each other when they’re around each other. It’s about a couple that has fallen out of love, but knows that they love each other somewhere.

ry sul

i feel like this song is about a girl convincing herself that her relationship with her husband is good, and they are better. but she knows that they really arent at all



catherine m.

everyone’s saying this song screams narcissa malfoy but you can’t tell me this song doesn’t have daisy buchanan written all over it


the other video with tons of views got taken down so im here

Straw Loki

The "I am loved, I am loved~" part hits different. I want a whole song with just that vibe.

Lucija Pavlečić

bruh this song just gave me a break down that lasted for three hours and also a bit during my math class. Like i love this song but i think this is a sign i should stop listening to it

aliens & coffee

This reminds me of Daisy from The Great Gatsby-

Darcy Winsdale

idk but i have a vibe that this is a song for Historia and Ymir


proof that marriage is just a waist of time

Amy Willson



your welcome ♥️

Anime Alex

I feel like this song is about her being abused by her husband and there calling her a clown for staying with him and she’s trying to convince herself that there still in love

aesthetic vibe

why it sounds like melania singing?

Anousheh Ezdi



tw abuse mention//
i’m a victim of abuse and i truly believe this song is about that. in my case, i loved my abuser and truly thought he loved me (“but when he walks in, i am loved..”) which is what i hear people talking about a lot. i believe the singer is in an abusive relationship, and keeps trying to tell herself that she isn’t.

Løłø Łëmøñädë

Just finished darling in the franxx and I’m listening to this......I’m in pain

Alexis Osburn

I think either way this song embodies an unhealthy relationship. It's either shes in an abusive relationship or she has no self worth/love and only feels worthy when she is with her husband.

hello world

this makes me think of my parents’ arranged marriage

Juliana Per

Can’t be the only one who listens to this when then in love or simping

Kayla Nord

This is what this song made me think of as I was listening to it :

A woman and her husband arrive at a fancy restaurant. They recently got married. They have come to meet up with some friends. Before they got there, the husband had beat on the woman for not wearing what he wanted her to wear. He’s beat on her before for other reasons, so this wouldn’t be the first time. They are speaking to another couple, which are their friends, and the other couple asks how their marriage is going. The woman and the husband’s arms are locked with each other’s. She explains to the woman of the other couple, “Me and my husband, we are doing better. It’s always been just me and him and me together... at least in this lifetime we’re sticking together. me and my husband, were sticking together.” The husband pulls her arms with a smile as if to say “come on honey”. they go to sit down and she says she has to use the restroom. She cries in the mirror to herself. She’s hurt mentally and physically and she can’t say a word to anyone about it. This scene paints the picture of the lyrics “but I am an idiot with a painted face. In the corner, taking up space.” After a few minutes of crying, her husband walks into the restroom. She hurries and wipes her tears so he doesn’t see. While this is happening, she is saying in her head, trying to convince herself, “but when he walks in, I am loved. I AM loved.” Their arms lock again as they walk out of the restroom. Her tears are wiped. She looks are cheerful as before,” a painted face “. She isn’t as happy as she seems. As they are waking out, she remembers the words she told the woman of the other couple, “ me and my husband, we are doing better. It’s always been just him and me together”. She stays because she knows she can’t leave. This is it. This is forever.
- Kayla Nord 01/10/21


I'm not even married but-


Someone said that this song reminds them of Beatrices mom from bojack horseman and now I can't stop thinking about that