NaLex Crunchman - New Friedman Style Free Amp Sim Plugin Metal Demo

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NaLex Crunchman - New Friedman Style Free Amp Sim Plugin Metal Demo

4 431 views | 14 Aug. 2019
4 431 views | 14 Aug. 2019

Probably my favourite one yet. A super realistic hot rodded high gain amp sim with some cool features. A hidden gem that deserves some riffs and chugs. Great stuff!

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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Thanks for watching!


Drake and Josh-the gary coleman grill
Rob loyst

Man, how much does the GUITAR account for this tone? I can't get anything to remotely sound like this..with my jackson. Seems you always have tones that are achievable lol like ola.

Ian Winrow

Nice great tones best yet. The leads deffo step out too lush :-) Will use this sound on the next demo thanks man. Nice work also.

Jason Bo Bason


Ben Tilbrook

Every plugin I've downloaded from this guy my computer is saying is a virus, lol


Hi, man. How did you achieve that sound without making noise and without using noise gate?

Blacksmith Studio

Phenomenal sound!


How did you get the bass done?

Neil Robinson

Great tones as always! Is that the preamp or the old model?

Soul Muzic Productions

yooooo this one is crazzy! just tried this a while ago! had to check out your video on it... A1 response




thanks for these videos man very inspiring. i have trouble mastering & getting the guitar EQ right (cutting out fizz/making frequencies right to fit bass guitar) so it's very helpful to see signal chain at end too. this tone sounds awesome and looking forward to your mixing videos as well. cheers!

Brothers in Metal

YEAAAH. 0:43

Aaron Ceravolo

Wow nalex is killing it!

Roy HunterKiller

So bright but good sound i'll it in my house


Damn that’s good. Any chance you can post the stems?

Rob loyst

You might have just sold me on Perfect Drums! As always, I love your tones!

hider nestokratko

Great sound !!!

Heavy metal chainsaw -

Sounds nasty and full. Love that riffing and lead bro. Hits the spot. Will grab this, so far loving the Nalex Gerbert plug.

Victor Ferreira

Hello. I am developing an amp simulation plugin in this style. Can you send me this dry signal rhythm track for me to test with my plugin? Thx


Wow! This thing sounds killer!

By the way, what pickups do you have in your Cort? Stock?

Greg Knight

Great tones mate. Enjoy this guys plugins, I think you are right, this guys stuff is better than a lot of other freeware and it keeps getting better as he updates it. Glad theres finally a free Friedman sim, sounds epic with the HBE and CFF on that has since been added

Freakish Rash

I particularly like the low light video. Reminds me of those budget Grave music videos

Adalbertus Ignatius

Which IR's are you using? Because the only ones which sound good in a mix to me are ownhammers.