Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Enable/Disable Picasa Web Album Syncing

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Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Enable/Disable Picasa Web Album Syncing

136 953 views | 4 Jun. 2014
136 953 views | 4 Jun. 2014

Learn how you can enable or disable Picasa Web album sycning on Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Ava Butler

I followed your steps, went to delete and unsupported file comes up. It still isn't allow me to delete the photos.

Tommy Pence

thank you got it problem solved

Robert Cooper


Jet Dorado

My.s5 doesnt have the check box option on the accounts tied with the phone


Thanks so much :)


true say smart phone for smart people!


Easy fix.Thank you so much

The Fast Weigh

You forgot a step...
First check if auto data sync is enabled:
1. Go to Settings and at Connections tab select Data Usage
2. In properties enable Auto sync Data (To get the properties click on the button on the left side from your Home button on your phone at the bottom right side)

Kennedy Jones

Thank you!!! Worked like a charm for me on my Galaxy Note 4. For those still seeing images in their Gallery, go to Settings/Application Manager/ select All/choose Gallery and Clear Cache/Clear Data. Picasa images should be gone and images stored on your phone should remain.

James unknown

thank god, thx for the help. had to restore my S5 and update to 5.0 shit got really annoying again. I'm not a huge fan of sharing photos and stuff from anywhere the cloud and shit, I like to use the SD card and just plug n play on the phone and let files save to the card. instead of the cloud. cloud is just not me.and manually save the photos on my computer.

Eddie Castro

ty bro works fine


I had all the boxes checked. ✔
I went to UNCHECK them & hit the home button. The pictures on Picasa are STILL there!
What did I do wrong?? Or the idiot in the video did something wrong? :/ smh!!

Markus Silfver


Rachel Jones

There's no box for me to check omg please help


Suddenly photos and sounds in gallery hidden from these icons on my samsung S5 ,I only can access it from MY FILES>DEVICE STORAGE .Please anybody advise


So after following the steps of the video ,  you need to go to settings-> application Manager->  scroll down until you find " Gallery"   then click on  :  "clear cache " ," clear data " and "force stop"

And that's all !! After you can go to gallery and see that all your picassa( album) pictures have been deleted. Therefore make sure to download the pictures you want to keep before doing this !!!!

Zac O'Brien

Thank you very much

Rachel Jones

My s5 does not have the check box's under google

Ludvig Holst

in the new update, you cannot uncheck the boxes :( please help

jaqua2 _99

I have done this and my Picasa album still there! HELP!

Leslie Johnson

Omg I need to remove this photo from that Picasso how do I do it I'm so pissed

tom conroy

Excellent info thanks Tom

Carlos Delgado

Mine doesnt work

Douglas Mclain




Trebleda Uaedirb

Thanks, useful video...

Stephanie Devine

Bless your heart. I've been trying to figure this out forever. Thank you!

Stephanie Gibson

Ok I need help because on my device I went straight to my settings, hit google, click my account, but I don't see my picasa web album sync to delete it, and I still have those pic from picasa web album in my photos.


very helpful video! 

alex Martinez


JSRh1no Gaming

Fucking stupid that you would even need a Tutorial to disable something, should be right there if you don't want to fucking use it.

Cynthia Boot

my delete button went away on my gallery samsung five. i thing this ohone stints

Christopher Short

Thanks so much! So simple yet I had no idea. Great quick tutorial, exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

Cierra J

I just want to delete the whole entire albilum that says Picasa and when I went to gallery it was still there mocking me.