Warframe How To - Mastery Rank 19 Test (The Easy Way) [U18] (See Description)

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Warframe How To - Mastery Rank 19 Test (The Easy Way) [U18] (See Description)

9 893 views | 4 Jan. 2016
9 893 views | 4 Jan. 2016

**NOTE: This mastery test may have changed as of update 18.5 -- I have received word that the MR19 test is now an Archwing trial for PC players**

Lots of YouTubers have posted videos of their initial troubles with Warframe's MR19 test. Even with successful practice, I still bombed out on my first attempt.

Screw that. THIS...is The Easy Way.

If you want to see my failed attempt, I have that footage available. Just put it in the comments; if I get enough requests, I'll upload it!


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Intro music was created by the artist Kubbi, and is utilized under Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0). Check him out, he's an excellent up-and-coming artist from Norway!

Kubbi - Seahorse Dreams: http://kubbi.bandcamp.com/track/seahorse-dreams

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【ゆっくり解説】SCP-565-JP 手のひらヒーローズ
Riposta88`s Playin Games

easy way 2 finish MR19 test as Loki

Lord Malkom

they disabled the use of abilitys, so this is a pain in the ass...

Henry Spencer

Used redeemer. Works pretty well


i did two days ago 12 practice, did learn every mob movement.
start real test and boom. every time i takedown enemy , ws detected by something, when i quick look around no mobs visible, and last atempt, takedown mob did fall down, then detected appeard on screen, and that mob just stand up behind me....

yesterday i did 4 practice, 3 normal speed to make sure their movement are exactly same as earlier ones, and yes they 100% match. and 1 very long watching if maybe their movement changes in some pattern or something, but no.......

start real test and wow.

in begining after taking down first standing mob, there are 3 mobs on briidge,
one mid that comes to middle of bridge, goes back and left, return to bridge and goes back and right.
one on left that goes around 2 columns and moves left to ramp and back.
one on right that goes to columns to bridge (about 25% path) and back to ramp and goes up

but for me it was like this
first standing mob didnt move, as he should
second did normal half bridge and went back, normal
the one on left, was also ok..

here the weirdness start, the one on right, came down the ramp, did circle on spot and went back up, i went to follow him, and boom, he didnt go up but stop on ramp where i could not see him, and just decide to come back down as i came close.
1st fail

on 2nd i did finaly pass these, went right way first, and took both mobs down, one at most right orb that did walk to ramp around column and back, and one that did walk alone wall,, then 1 at back side ramp, and boom, weirdness begin, mob left side (the first trio, who walk around 2 column) suddenly came to ramp on back side (most far away orb)

3nd fail

on last atempt, i went very slow 1 takedown and back off and wait and see.
what happent to the mob on right that did weird hide&seek on ramp earlier, did even more magic, he came to brodge,, i back off a bit, he did walk to mid, i went back to the square thing where we spawn on top of. mob came right there, i went behind it and jump on square. then jump down on him for takedown..

managed to clear 1st floor. all ok

went the left side ramp path where one mob circles around 1 column, takedown, all ok

here the mystery began again

2nd floor has 4 mobs

1 walks the area near ramp, he comes to ramp, stand, goes right side around path to column, stand and goes back semi circle way back to ramp.

1 stand totally on spot in front (right) side of prison* turned back to player comin rom this side.

1 walk behind prison to ramp and turns to afk guy and goes back

1 is on other side of prison..

this is how it should be.............

for me,, 1st did come to ramp and walk right side to column, its all ok,,
but the one who has to stand on spot, did walk circles around (pretty muct 3 step and turn)
the one from behind prison did come up to ramp. when i realized he moving too close (than he should) i went down the ramp to 1st floor and stand behind column trying to find where on ramp is the mob, lost sight of him,, couldnt even expect him to appear behind me on 1st floor alrdy.......

40 sec later i quit this game, not worth my nerves..

this game booring as fck anyway, only thing that holds ppl in this game is the urge to gain all prime equips and frames... but totally booring missions copy of one another with exact same mechanic (on every lvl no matter where u r, only the dmg output changes)

only thing that has a bit diff mechanics are raids, which, after u do for a while, becomes same booring.... and what kills is that 90% time noobs join team, rush, die, run out of revives midmission, = leave and when less than 4 man in team its auto fail....

dont recomend that game at all

defiance is a kind of grindgrind game too but has alot more fun to offer due its open world ......

Mudpaws Voom

just a heads up Mr 19 is a crap test been trying for some time now and you get seen no matter how fast or sneaky you try to be ,


Holy shit is the Cerata that good? So much throwing dmg D:

Tom Przybylinski

suddenly i have hope that i can pass this. great vid, thank you.


I tried it today, Feb 13, 2017 on PC update 19.10.0, and the test was same as your video. Used Glaive Prime, since I already had it with a similar build to yours, and worked great. Thank you for the video. By the way, I had maxed Enemy Radar, Coaction Drift, and Enemy Sense on, and could see the guards when they were within range.


Apreciate the tip! Thx!

Mudpaws Voom

you can no longer use the redeemer. shot gun in mr 19 and for get the range all of it's been set so you have to get up close and die ... been tiring and tiring and still fail big time >>:{

Ergun Cangal

how many hours do you have in game??


Easy win, use Redeemer's ranged attack. Lmao.