Why Sugar-Free Gummy Bears Are SUPER Laxatives

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Why Sugar-Free Gummy Bears Are SUPER Laxatives

103 977 views | 15 Jan. 2015
103 977 views | 15 Jan. 2015

Gummy bears- so tasty, but so...dangerous! If you've read the hilarity that is Amazon reviews for sugar-free Haribo gummy bears, then you have an idea of how these sweet deathbears work-- eat a handful and meet up with your old nemesis, diarrhea. But, why, why does this happen? There's a perfectly scientific response! Kim Horcher discusses with Phil Torres (Scientist, host of Al Jazeera America's TechKnow) and Jason G. Goldman (Scientist, writer for Scientific American, BBC Future).

Read more: http://suffolktimes.timesreview.com/2014/02/45601/local-doctor-weighs-in-on-the-gummy-bear-cleanse/


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Carla Cast.

This also happens with xylitol sugar which is a sugar alcohol. It's supposed to be good for people with diabetic as it won't increase blood sugar level, but have tooo many of this sugar....and you'll end up on the toilet ALL dayy!!

Justin Okraski

they should just remarket these as a laxative

epic man

im getting thease just so if i want to go off school take 6 and bam


I am going to ruin peoples days;)

It’s Flaco

I have them for my diet because it’s aloud for me and oh my goodness I was on the toilet for a minute because i didn’t know diet hummus could do this and remember only have 6 a day

Shogun Autoworks



I want them ^^

Hoa M.

nobody tested these gummy bears before they sold it?


I had like 5 gosh lots of poop

Sbsbwjah Ditjffj

Do they still do this?? This would be mad funny to try on someone



El Perro Loco

This could be a great way to lose weight.

Rez’d Out

I’m pretty sure it says on the bag, or it used to, to eat only HALF of one, if you haven’t ate them before. It’s not just people that ate “too many”.

Galen Long

well, You know the saying......... Shit Happens..........................


Nobody knows crap like The Young Turds. Trump 2020 !!!

Robert Gronewold

Oh, I remember those potato chips.   I was an innocent five year old and they cut right through me.   Ah the memories.


I've had this happen not from Gummy Bears but from sugar free chocolate mints... one long ass day at work that I'll never forget the end of... and am grateful that the bag had a max of 6 mints...

Sharon H

15? 5 just about killed me!

Shawn Sisler

Hate to tell you this but it doesn't take 15 to do this... 6 fricking bears and boom, 15 minutes later, I was screaming for the kid to get out of the bathroom.. These things should be illegal or given as prescription for constipation.

Sweet Victory Products Ltd

for those who are interested as a sugar free confectionery business based in the
UK, it would be best if people eat stevia-based gummies as they have no
laxatives effects on the body, any sweeteners that are based on alcohol
sugars like moltitol, xylotol etc but any that contain sucralose will
not have that effect on the body, it is recommended that on alcohol
based sweeteners that no more than 100g of sweets per sitting, consumers
should really research the types of sweeteners before consumption as
they effect people differently because of the chemistry different
sweeteners will react differently to the human body, stevia based gummies sweets is recommended as they do not have adverse reactions for those who are interested we stock sugar free stevia gummies to the US market we cannot sell yet to this market because of US food laws require food labeling to be clearly written we are currently looking into this..

Emma Hutton

I need me some of these

Alyssa B. Steele

I'd rather eat normal gummy bears

Gadgetz Loops

DO NOT EAT LIFE SAVERS SUGAR FREE!!!!!!! I literally ate 15 of these life savers not knowing that each one contains 14 grams of sugar alcohol. After 40 grams of sugar alcohol, they act as a laxative. I ate 15 life savers, so 210 grams of sugar alcohol. I was on the toilet crapping my brains out in pain for about 15 hours. No, this is not a joke. I knew sugar free gummy bears did this to people, I didn't know it was all sugar free candy. It even says on the back of the life savers sugar free package, "May have a laxative effect". I'm not kidding, check it out. Do not make the same horrible mistake I made, please.


LMFAO Oooohhh this would make a wicked and totally fucked up prank/pay back from some one when Halloween comes around. I'm going to make a personal note to myself to avoid any offers of Gummy Bears this October.


We were at the store and I got gummy‘s they never said they were sugar-free so I ate them and gave some to my sister and I soon as we got home we both need to go to the bathroom went to the bathroom a few minutes later I need to go again and so did my sister and then we spent hours in the bathroom


That poor agent

Controversial Cow

Who else just ate a pack of gummy bears and feel really bad

Fury’s Child

It’s not just gummy bears, it’s anything that contains sugar substitutes. Werthers sugar free put me on the loo for 27 hours....I was like a pyjama case collapsing on the bathroom floor by the end...!

Xowolfy daysxo

Omg I had theses and never got sick I only got a horrible stomach pain


"The worst satan hell-bears diarrhea explosion"
Quote of the year?

stephanie kievaughan

haribo fart = yet another cry of a Lonely imprisoned Haribo gummy bear
in the darkness of solitary confinement filing grievances to haribo
rights Lawyers to set them free with the Liberty that aspartame / nutra
sweetener endowed them with by their food chemical creator


great PRANK to someone you hate >:)


They seem like a good revenge gift for like an abusive ex, or a politician, or something.

Harry Sachs

The LA Beast ate a 5 pound bag for one of his videos. Predictable hilarity ensued.

_ ASleepyDragon _

I remember a story about a college landlord who had a habit of going to the students house and sampling (no, full meals of the stuff they paid for) and nobody liked that. One saw these reviews and decided that they were going to buy the 5lb bag. They would take a couple handfuls and put them in zip locks and store them with their food.

The bait was set. The landlord was in one of the restrooms for HOURS! did it twice and he stopped taking their food until they left.

Upon leaving they gave the new group the remaining bag. It kept going XD anti pavlog's dog

Charles Williams

Yes! Those Doritos and potato chips were made by the devil! I'm glad they quit making them.


Good thing is

I eat normal gummi bears 4 lyfe

Caviteño Che

This most certainly gives a new meaning to pooh bear!

Obviously as a young child, This would have changed the dynamics of the Saturday morning cartoon I used to watch weekly!

Even worse imagine the scenario; soaking several pounds of these sugar free gummy bears in alcohol for a party, not knowing the calamity of fecal flow of your guests, after consuming at least 20 per person. Suffice to say it would be a different version of Gordie Lachance's campfire story of Lard Ass from Stand by me!

Matt Burns


Eat these and no what I go through everyday. Living with severe crohn's disease makes these gummi bears eaters experience look like a nice holiday


like mentos in coke
reaction plume inverted
can't bear these gummies


I had gummy candy that didn't even say it was sugar free. Combined with my antibiotics (clindamycin), my digestive system was getting an uppercut while being boiled in sulfuric acid. I saw that there was no toilet paper and tried to scurry to get some. HORRIBLE DECISION. I was trying to make it to the toilet before the flood gates bursted open. But the locks snapped. Shit all of the toilet. Shit in my pants. Shit on my shirt. Shit everywhere. So I’m sitting there, a painful cyst in my ass, diarrhea in my trousers, calling for help, and crying.


"it confuses your intestines"

nerd alert


lol that chick has a cute necklace and cute earrings but damn she looks cray

Ungoogleable o_O

Would have guessed Sorbitol,

#throwbackk Music

is it all because of maltitol?

Captain Obvious

Oh, no, not the bears. NOT THE BEARS! AAAAAAHH! Oh, no, my eye, my brown eye! AAAAAAAAHHHH!

Michael Davidson

This happened to me about 8 years ago, I ordered a bunch of sugar free chocolate online and every time I had some it really messed up my digestive system. I don't recall what the sugar substitute was but it probably was maltitol.

Crazy HD Vids

Just ate a bag of sugar free Jolly Ranchers last night and the next day it was like a hangover it was the worst thing ever. Straight water was coming out lol

Dark Ra

Why do they all seems like weirdos?


2:21 Michael from RoosterTeeth

Scrap Baby

Note to self: "Never eat sugar free candy"

Lankey Bastard

Can we even believe this? TyT? I have my doubts.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

If you go on amazon and look up "haribo sugar free gummi bears" it says "we dont know when this item will be back in stock" but tbh the comments are literally funny asf


Least shitty thing associated with tyt


I knew sugar free gummy bears were too good to be true.


So these gummy bears simulate cholera


It's because of these gummy bears, that I now read the Amazon reviews before I buy something.  I had a sweet tooth and wanted gummy bears.  When I got these in the mail, that's when I found out that they were sugar free, but didn't think anything of it.  I snacked on them throughout the day. Didn't eat anything else.  Then later in the day, my stomach started to hurt...  Then all hell broke lose.  It was Satan's fury on my asshole! I'm an Atheist, but I was praying to God to make it stop.

3duardo TV

Fuck the sugar free jelly beans, had me on the toilet for an hour

Nicholas Feeley

I think it's great to put in a bowl in the office.
Just be damned sure that your ignorance poker face is up to par.


I ate a whole bag in one sitting I regret it

Jacob Rompel


If you eat more than one of those satanic snacks you will explode. They are poison. POISON I TELL YOU!

Suspicious Microbe

Houston Jones brought me here


GROSS! But thanks. What was it? Maltitov (how do you spell that)? I'll stay away from it.

Tanya Lane

This sucks

Brett Carlson

Ate like 15 once and shot clear liquid out of my ass like a water jet.

Sugar-free Gummy bears

I am the yummiest laxatives

Rabid Leroy Channel Salad

3:51 - if Futurama were still around, the olestra potato-chip joke would have gone ahead with dessert. Alas poor Bender.


How about not being a glutton and stuffing your fat face with gummy bears. 
All american hefty kids should get these to learn some common decency and lose a few tubs of lard.

Misa Kei June

i had about 6 handfulls over the course of 3 hours, and all i had was a lot of gas. =/


I made the mistake of watching this while eating lunch.

Matt Burns

A new torture method for the CIA

Roger Morris

any sugar free candy taken ro excess is a laxative. in the uk labels have a warning pointing this out


Thankyou! This video has confirmed my suspiscion! I've been eating some sugar free sweets recently. I've also had a dodgy feeling in my stomach, followed by the dreaded mahogany bum piss! The rest of them are definitely going in the bin now!

Bet Alpha

Ohh maltitol is in some sugar free sweet drops! In large amounts, you can get diarrhoea, just like some mints(eg fisherman’s friend)

Mason Logerquist

ate 20 of these, currently on toilet an hour later pooping on the walls


I don't have this problem at all. I eat ridiculous amounts of the things.

James Mifsud

I’m watching this on the toilet, fun times!!!

Antichrist 666

Nah aspetame is better it gives u cancer faster but u don't get diarrhea

Doug Bruce

5 of thease and u will fart

Eddie Hippisley-Cox

Stephen Fry on QI addressed this too.


Eating gummy bears in moderation is used for diabetics with gastroparesis. Great helpful video. Moderation in this case is 15 little bears. Actually sugar free life savers also will help. Not 15; don't know dosage. Gastroparesis is a terrible consequence of diabetes for many and is not spoken of much. Food stays in the stomach and nutrients are not absorbed by the small intestine. It's a delicate balancing act.

Paul van gorder

OMG my brother gave me a pack of these....totally unaware I ate the whole bag, Jesus Christ it didn't take long for the affect of nuclear war in my underwear ! Damn!

James White

I once ate 2 good handfuls of those things. I just shoved them into my mouth with gusto, thinking it couldn't hurt since they were sugar free, and they tasted pretty good, but I was in for hell for the next few hours.

20 minutes after it started, while playing skyrim, I felt a little rumble in my stomach and new something was wrong. I couldn't slam my asscheeks on the toilet harder or faster if I tried, amd as soon as my butt touched down, I gripped the bathtub rim and sink out of fear for my life as my asshole turned into a rocket engine and blasted off.

After 30 minutes of anal torture, I thought I was fine, but thinking that it wasnt the candy and it was the reheated thai food, I grabbed another handful of the bears. I couldn't get my ass on the toilet in time, as after taking off my pants and my ass pointing at the shower/bathtub, I squirted what seemed like pure stomach acid out of my butt. I sat there on the bathtub edge for hours, shitting and crying, hoping the hell I was experiencing would end, and turned on the shower to rinse my now burning and bleeding asshole off of all the acid that has sprayed out.

After it had finally ended, I didn't have enough strength to walk, and my legs gave out. I had crawled from the bathroom, pants around my ankles, without a shirt on, and layed my chest over the edge of my bed and weakly cried myself to sleep.


I found this out the hard way I didn't even realized the pack I grabbed was sugar free

Dr. Phil's Forehead

If you eat enough normal gummy bears (eg. A whole 1 litre tub) its a similar effect, except its all for a little dribble of ass jelly. 0/10 do not recommend.


The same things happens if you eat to much sugar free chocolate... you shit your pants.


This vidoe is so f dumb, maltitol is not laxative if u eat it in moderation, gummie bears is like 99% sugar so when you replace that huge amount of sugar with maltitol than of course it will be laxative

Class A Living

lol the amazon reviews are awesome XD


pretty cool earings and necklace

antifa super soy soldier

So I used to eat these when I had ED flares so I'd be able to binge and have a laxative effect. Incorrect, just have extreme bloating and have rivaled a skunk


Amazon reviews were hilarious. (the best ones were taken down when Amazon stopped selling the gummies online XD)

Lorenz Müller

my anal prep


These are the weapons of WWIII everyone!


15 per dose.  When you have to refer to something as a dose, it should come with a warning label, or better yet don't give them to kids!!!  Or child-like adults.

Tyto the Owl梟

Hey! 2:21 Micheal Jones from Roosterteeth!