GHOST RECON WILDLANDS - Desert Tech HTI BDC Review and Test

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GHOST RECON WILDLANDS - Desert Tech HTI BDC Review and Test

70 899 views | 7 Jul. 2017
70 899 views | 7 Jul. 2017

Let's check out the latest sniper rifle in the Ghost Recon Wildlands aresenal - the Desert Tech HTI BDC. You get this weapon at tier 40, with the new tier leveling system recently introduced, and it is, for lack of a better description, simply a butt-load of fun.. Let's compare it to the original HTI, and see what happens.

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How and where can you get it

Ray Jo

Does someone experience lag in the game? Specially when you shoot snipers?


Darkdally, about scope stability and drone range, etc, it seems that the Tier 1 mode disables some if not all extra "medals" in the skill tree, at least for now. So, not only scope stability and drone range, maximum ammo and many other aspects are affected, too. Don't know if Ubisoft will ever patch this back, though.


Does BDC stand for Bad Day Company?

robin & bernhard

To bad you cant give new camo look


I have the HTI BDC but I just killed the predator and took off my surpressor but I can’t get it back on the option went away, is there a way to fix this?

Yucca Farmer

LMAO, heli drops right on the runway...LOL

Capricorn Vapes

Hi Darkdally, I agree with everything you said in this video.I've also noticed my EMP Drone is almost not affective when I use it on enemies vehicles, the move off again after about 2 seconds; I have all my skills fully maxed, so the only explanation I have is Tier 1 changed its affectiveness.

Hamish McEwan

Good videos man, I'm down to tier 41, looking forward to using this weapon.

Curtis Perdue

You the best bro! Thanks for the info.


great I have the standard version, where's the location of the desert hti?

Elizabeth Salas

Quick Tip To Measure Weapons In The Game Use The Drone While Standing ☺

Sam Cupp

LMAO! Just letting you know man IRL BDC should stand for bullet drop compensation-BDC


[email protected]#%

Austin Lewon

I wish they would just fucking let you have the DLC weapons in the main game, the BFG 50 kicks more ass then if you combined the HTI and the MSR. It's kinda pissing me off that I have to use the DLC to use those guns

Colten_Ley 7

BDC= Bullet Drop Compensation

Ross Breton

regular hti will one shot helis but not armoured vehicles

Keith Davis

I was kind of late to the party I just picked this game up last week. I enjoy your videos just as much as I enjoy the game. please keep them coming.

Saint Saber

I refuse to use overpowered weapons as it's not fair on the others and i don't follow the crowd in anything, thats why i use the SR1

The lamb Sauce

Mine won’t let me put the suppressor on

Bald Brad

question bro, does emp work on convoys?

Ayytbom [BOOSTED]

There is a skill that removes the suppressor damage decrease. i dont think anyone remembers this lol

Andre Petersdorf

Hello - did you done such a nice graphic like for the "normal" hti? Scope/Disctance/Bullet Drop Overview

adamd706 daroomar

u sooo fucking boring

Penguin Overlord

The Desert Tech HTI does indeed take out all vehicles with one shot, while suppressed (I found that out during testing,) which is why, in addition to the added challenge of Tier One gameplay, I've gone back to using it as opposed to the G28 I was using.

Also, bonus medals seem to be disabled in Tier One, which is why you're noticing less drone range and more scope sway (and also less ammo capacity). It's unfortunate, but personally it hasn't really hampered me as much. There's been some discussion whether it's a bug or a feature of Tier One, but as far as I know Ubisoft hasn't said anything about that.


So if I got this gun, I could equip a suppresser?


"The pastern is good if you are hiding out in a honeycomb or the thong of a male stripper."

Dude I lost it after hearing that. Thank you. that made my day.


You could have called a bike over lol

Proxximo Amandil

I was hoping you´d do your Tests on that BDC, and here you go. Great, thank you Sir! The Reason why you´re Skills seem slightly different is that the Bonus Medals are disabled in Tier Mode. That affects the Drone Reach e.g. Dont know if that is intended, but its quite annoying imho.

Silver Wolf

Wait DarkDally ... are you playing Ghost recon on Ps4 ? If so i wanna join ..., kinda bored playing with random

Assassin Spy

how do you get it

john mackey

This gun needs a nerf I'm sorry to say. It's pointless to use anything else unless you are just a poor shot and need a higher rate of fire.


do a damage comparison.


you suck.

John Parker

I'm currently on Tier 33 and my BDC is at Level 8 for damage. At 650 meters, 1 shot will take out a helicopter and drone jammer. My max for taking out a sniper is at approximately 450 yards. Great weapon.


I don’t think the tier one damage decreases as much as enemy health increases


I was going to ask about penetration with the BDC (that's what she said, haha) but Lill rascal Gaming beat me to it, lol..

Ali Aftab

my tier level on 49 but gun still locked

yeeyee sauce

My hti is now shit.

I had the suppressor equiped and while I was doing the Caveira challenge. It took my suppressor away

murat karakoca

Where is it's location?

battosaifan not able to use the suppressor anymore??? With the HTI Desert Tech, anybody else having the same issue???

kazor 7

It won't let me put the suppressor back on the sniper how do I fix this?

Gery Goldman

Good vid btw ,I've been a sub since the start

James Helgesen

For the real world HTI, BDC stands for Bullet Drop Compensator.

Looks like it works.

Kris Hutchison

I want to know what is the best for shooting thru walls, but have no idea how to test that

Rayen Fuljhari



This thing shoots so hard.. like an anti tank gun... Can you kill an apc with it?

Haku`s Secret

at level 30 , desert hti has the damage bar fill to the top , the only weapon in the game ! it will 1 shoot 1 kill evey vehicle with or without suppressor !

Alcali Lake

As soon as I took my suppressor off the BDC I can not put it back on. Any ideas?

Mack D'Angelo

I am your 420th like sir, you are most certainly welcome!

Jean-Marc Labbe

Thank you, all your videos are very instructive.


Interesting, I will have to try this weapon out.


Man i have tire 50 but i dont recived that weapon

Soco man84

Taking out convoys:
1)get hti BDC
2)find convoy
3)emp supply vehicle at about 250m
4)detonate emp and shoot front and rear escorts and helo if there is one.
5)tell your sqaud to fire at will (if your solo)
6)run to convoy and collect dat xp baby

Carl Haase

Does anyone else see a change in the HTI after the last update? It seams Nerfed on vehicles after about 10 shots... Darkdaily could you take a look?


With the desert tech the first line underneath the red cross is actcually for 500 meters


Tar and desert tech.. why would you load out anything else?

Robby Malcolm

i love the bdc it has the same setup as the normal one just better and it has a sick paint job


+Darkdally can you make an outline on what marker should I use for various ranges on BDC's scope?

Ronald Spruiel

the only thing about the bdc hti is that you only can raise the damage level to about 13. I'm a level 6 now, but I still love the gun.


I wish the devs would release some of these so you wouldn't have to do all this testing

Tristan O'Keefe

I know this was 2 years before but now this is the first time I heard someone say "the HTI is better that the MSR". THANK GOD O THOUGHT I WAS ALONE

AKUMA biggs

I take off my suppressor n I can't get it back on

Haku`s Secret

whats up with all the cock jokes ? hahahahahahahaha BTW the desert hti DOES NOT have the long barrel on , it will be even longer with it and suppressor on !

Matteo M

Yay I called it :D


Im tier 43 and its still locked....

mad max

Where can you find this?


The BDC’s camo .. good for hiding in the thong of a male stripper.. I see what you did there

nafis prinze

how to get HTI BDC

Lillrascal Gaming

Found the best way for convoys single, use rebel spotting and mark all the drivers of the cars and squad kills them all then you kill helicopter. Great vid been fan for a little over a month.


i would like it if I could change the camo I don't like that camo its too bright for me

Marco F

+Darkdally, did you notice that both the old HTI and the new HTI BDC, can penetrate walls without silencer and none of them can with silencer, despite the HTI BDC having more penetration with silencer than the normal HTI does without silencer?


Does it really matter max leveling this weapon to 30, because at lvl 15 the damage was already maxed out. I'm assuming no, but maybe there's something I'm missing??

unknow mysteries

If it what a male stripper would wear?.... that would explain the Big Dangling C0(€

It's Zen

One shot one Kill

Eric Christensen

My suppressor glitched off and it won't let me put it back on any advice?

Mack D'Angelo

The hit can one shot a helicopter suppressed, I know, I’ve tried.


Why would you even bother upgrading the Desert Tech HTI? It literally one shots EVERYTHING base with no upgrades even with the suppressor on. While I love the stopping power of the Desert Tech HTI BDC I hate how huge the HTI is, favorite sniper is the SRSA1.


I just wish I could change the camouflage.


where do you aim on the scope to get a 1k shot?

Jason Humphries

Tier mode makes life difficult!!


the Desert Tech HTI can take out a armored car in 1 shot even when scilenced. Which the normal HTI can't do.
The downside tho is that scilenced bullets travel much much slower.

Oliver Jensen

There is a perk in the skill tree that eliminates the damage loss of having a suppressor .


I sprayed tea all over my TV after the C**k joke wow Ty for the video very helpful


Hmm I don't get tier points when I shoot down helicopters but you did. Guess it was patched since you made this

Tech Ownage

in tier mode, the desert hti bdc is at max damage when its leveled up to 15. is there a reason to go over level 15? or upgrading it past level 15 still gives more damage?

Nils Gerdes

Good Sir, you helped me on an Microtransaction. It IS a nice Rifle. Cheers!

spyder 6

the assault rifle is a beast as well

Rémy Blain

You can get a bonus that removes the damage reduction when you use the compressor. Then you can use your weapon with the compressor at their full power.