Act Like A Stalker... Get Rejected

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Act Like A Stalker... Get Rejected

90 808 views | 1 Apr. 2012
90 808 views | 1 Apr. 2012

Coach Corey Wayne discuses why contacting a woman excessively when she does not quickly return your phone calls, texts, emails, messages, etc. causes her to reject you and treat you like a stalker.

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From my heart to yours,

Corey Wayne

Marco Piazzo

No. Even if a girl may be fucked up, what matters is where she wants to end up. Offering shelter and protection is what a true man does.


I never clicked so fast

Tony Marcus Cassani

Just adding on, what many people, (especially women) now consider stalking: adding her friends on social media, too many likes, and interactions in general.

Let's Get Healthy: Ryan Weinberger

awesome man

Eph 2

Hahahahaha loved it when Corey said you're acting dopey!


This is also true of women, many of whom think that it's not stalking if you use facebook/googling. But yes, it is quite a turnoff for most emotionally healthy people to be stalked/harassed.

Tim Lewis

Someone that's bigger and stronger than you being needy often triggers the fight or flight response (usually flight if he's bigger and stronger)


You crashed and burned bro, crashed and burned! Lmfao.

Zachary Saunders

who else is on page 6?


i texted this girl i like that i really like her smile, she texted me back saying i made her feel uncomfortable. i saw her smiling in our zoom class. yeah i creeped her out and shes gone after 3 months of texting back and forth...just like that!

Steven Garcia

I just got your book in the mail!!!!! it wus like watchin santa come on christmas eve mon

Joshua H.

This dude is fucking epic! Corey Wayne you are fucking awesome.

Nathan Maxtro

Woman always on her phone doesn't have time to reply to a text. Yup.

She's just playing games.


Second time round on the audiobook. Checking out the highlighted video tips

Lord Belcher IV

Act like a've got yourself a walker!

Anyway, stellar advice.


Damn Im fucked up :D:D

Toby Norris

She threatened him action and he's still going for it. Shame this isn't a movie that would be the most romantic thing I've ever seen

Haise Sasaki


Jonathan Kinnison

Page 21, baby

Semih Turnaoglu

Hello McFly? That was hilarious

José de Jesús Vásquez Luis

We learn from mistakes... Thanks for this video Corey...

Joker Returns

Cringe level is Epic !!

Mr Blanc

Just done it with a woman who I truly love and had great dates with, lost her!


Started the book after being ghosted consecutively, nowhere near stalking, maybe I’m just terribly impatient

Dina Moore

the one guys really over romantisiczing the thing with the femle female who thretened to call the police on him for stalking. if she threatens to cal the police she means it and seems he'd stay away and yes it is over.

Tim Lewis

The guy that had someone acid attack Katie Piper exhibited this type of needy behavior. 99% of guys who act this are usually harmless but the woman doesn't think this! I read one story of a man who started excessively contacting this woman, showing up and ringing her doorbell etc (they had only been on a few dates) and she felt she had to move or change numbers etc!

Christos The first

SMH i could have used this knowledge two months ago. I thought this girl i was talking to was playing games. I lost my cool multiple times. She was just testing me to see if i was needy and i failed many times until the day were she went ghost on me.

Im grateful for this knowledge. Ive already started to apply it. The biggest thing is when you know this knowledge you just start thinking more abbondently

Lukraze Alumbaugh

I just bought your book and I'm loving it


highly recommend the book " No more mr Nice Guy"

Alan Robinson

5:08 "Why haven't you called me back UUUGGHHH!!" LOL.

ColtsFan 4Life

On my second read through what a blessing


If a girl wants nothing to do with you, BACK THE HELL AWAY AND STAY AWAY!!! I don't care how much you like her! You never want to have a restraining order against you! Why try to date someone who wants nothing to do with you anyways?! Makes no damn sense!

Caucasian African

Woman are smart to test men.

Ricardo Morones Torres

You are awesome Mr. Wayne.

Leonardo Fiallos

There should be follow up stories. Testimonials. Where is this guy 7 years later?


"Hello Mcfly!!!" Lol!


Kept making the same mistakes, chased when she wanted space, professed my love thinking it would help. In the end it killed her attraction, I was given a week of chances to redeem myself (anniversary of dead fiancee so some trauma resides)

10/10 girl I was fucking, and fucked her the best she's ever had, she was day dreaming about me.

Then what happened was I got clingy, needed her attention sent flowers and went crazy with text exploding.

Worst fuck up yet with a woman I was fucking. Ended up seeing me as a stalker just from exploding her phone a couple times. She went from wanting to date casually, to fuck buddies to stop talking to me in a week.

Originally, she pulled back and wanted space after flowers (sent them when she had a bad day). I should have pulled back harder, but in the end I chased, said I was done with her begged for her back and zeroed her attraction for me when it was in the 6-8 range.

Bought your book, never going to fuck up like this again, but I honestly doubt a woman like that will fall into my life again, so I need to live with the shame of my greatest idiotic fuck up yet.

Maximum Achievement

Coach Corey, you're a funny guy!


This video makes me shake my head uncontrollably with cringe. I hope to GOD I never get this deluded over oxytocin. Thanks for all your help man, you've really helped put things in perspective for me

Robert Drake

I just made this mistake I dealt with a woman who was raped twice and molested She had daddy issues and I thought she loved me Within 90 days it went bad and she got an order of protection against me based on false allegations smh #ToxicWomenAndTheMenWhoLoveThem #DamagedGoods #EmotionalAbuse #Hypersexuality #NPD

Steve Wheeler

I should have watched this a month ago lol


Sounds like she has BPD mate, we have all been there lol

rishin marwahn

dont women also get conditioned

Ellen J

This is so very true! And your great advice goes for both men and women. Acting "stalkerish" scares people away. For instance: a guy sent me a message while I was working out at the gym. Then, shortly after his first message, he sent another, and then another and another. I got home and found that he'd sent all these notes in the space of 2 hours, ending with the last sentence which said, "You're kind of quiet, everything ok?", which was a very lame way of asking why I hadn't responded yet. I was annoyed and disgusted that he felt I should be tied to my computer, ready to respond at his beck and call. Needless to say, I was not attracted.

John Thompson

This is hilarious

Serenity Heart

Relatable except not romantic.


Leave her alone

Daily News

what do you do when your girl has an ex who just won't let go?
she struggles to get rude with him or take out an intervention order.

Scott Patterson

I like Coreys advice moreso than all those books written by pickup artists etc


That was me once now l don't care anymore

Rexcel Cariaga

this is so gold! I keep replaying and replaying it!

Diablo Uchiha

look at these 3% views. tut-tut

Graphic World

5:42 "and she's thinking o.O^ " Love u corey

Tim Lewis

It seems, needy guys should go get lots of women's numbers so they can spread their 'neediness' out if they must always have a woman's attention.

Kareem Brown

This is exactly why I have no competition. I always know when to pull back. Dating is like tennis men. She always gets the message. Just send the message and walk away.

Zero Resistance

haha dah fuq... all of the stuffs i been reading till now is actually how i used to live before.... i loved to play computer games.... only responded to people when they talked to me else i didnt talk to anyone... thou i have to say it felt like i was totally out cause i didn't do anything...

Baker DMM, LLC

5:05 HAHAHAHAHAH... Classic man!!

Steve C

Man these emails from these guys always make me cringe... Ughhhh

Victor Crosswell

oh man, guys if a female is threatening to get you in trouble walk scratch that run away and dont look back even if she contacts you again cause she nothing but bad news (unless your the crazy one in which case fix your issues (meditation).

Al Ra

I know so many times guys think the girl was interested in them and they become her stalker to “win her back”, but in reality girl was just being polite while rejecting you.. not talking about the guy in this story but in general, and no girl is ever going to accept your love just because you are a psycho... same for female who are stalking guys to show their interest and behave a like a lovesick puppy


Why would I share your content Cory? I dont want any more competition! Just joking man, you helped me so much in turning my life around. Thank you.


i cried when I heard this advice. This is where I realized I messed up my chances with a girl. live and learn

Leonardo Fiallos

Paul H

You gotta be on purpose for your focus

NoMore Food

I were him, look how many girls are in the country, see ya bye

Daniel Rice

Honestly. If you already don't know to not act like a stalker you're always weird in my eyes.


Imagine being threatened with legal action and needing to ask a life coach what to do.


I love this man - and I haven't even finished the book yet.
Just you wait Corey! :D

david god

Hello Mcfly


This video literally explains how pussy is a distraction lol


what if the her phones goes straight to voicemail without ringing, but shes on facebook posting stuff. Am i being intentionally ignored, or did she not get my call? Mind you we've been dating for a few months and this is the 1st time she hasn't returned a call.

Tony Marcus Cassani

Never question her social media posts , no matter what they are.

M pax

Cory you are the best man!

Alejandro Alameda

This is me. I love this advice. Thank you


"Hello McFly?!" Yesssssssss, amazing

Reegaay Foundation

thanks coach


metric rise

So all this guy does is pander to the fucked up thinking of most women and teaches you how to ACT to get around these things. Interesting that you should not be allowed to show people your insecurities either. I think this kind of approach just lends to the shallow society we live in and subconsciously screams that we should NOT accept people for who and how they are and help each other develop. I'm sure his advice works for the most part - but herein is the problem...