Why POPPLIO SHOULD Be Your First Pick?! - Magikarp Jump!

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Why POPPLIO SHOULD Be Your First Pick?! - Magikarp Jump!

10 646 views | 5 Jul. 2017
10 646 views | 5 Jul. 2017

Magikarp Jump - I GOT a Popplio - Why Popplio Should Be Your First Support Pokemon?!

Im playing the Pokemon Magikarp Jump game released by Nintendo on iOS and Android.

I used 500 gems/diamonds to buy the Popplio friendship item. WHAT DOES IT DO AND WHAT DID I GET? Find out by watching the video!


I have that game i spend my diamonds too uhh maybe eevee or popplio

Koos Naamloos

Meh.. I disagree. Charizard is better than Popplio.. since it also gives mountain of coins, skill restore and sack of coins. LP restores are quite unfortunate but you can use them to lose league battles and trigger an event. Often you get an extra training which can in turn also leads to events. Nevertheless, the first pokemon you should get is Rowlet Coins are the most important... diamond are second.


I got my Popplio and i luv him so much! UwU

Bobston Gravestone

Get gengar

Sherland Grace Yumul

You should try this zepisguides. com Recently worked for me to add unlimited coins and diamonds. Copy
Hey guys, I found one that works good for g

Ricardo Ayala

Actually I still dont have popplio, and I started playing since day 1. For me the most scrappiest effect is him eevee and gengar.

random memes

M favorite Pokemon is popplio


Charizard way better I've gotten handful of mountain of coins during my time playing equating to 2million -3million per bag

Sherland Grace Yumul

For me only this works best ZEPISGUIDES. COM Added full of resources to my account already.