Warframe Stances - Astral Twilight & Gleaming Talon (Glaives)

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Warframe Stances - Astral Twilight & Gleaming Talon (Glaives)

103 753 views | 6 Apr. 2016
103 753 views | 6 Apr. 2016

In-game name : Hellmanz

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I would like to thank my patrons


Jesus O Yzquierdo

Gryphon Price


You have my heartfelt thanks !

I would also love to thank floppyfnx for the amazing banners !



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You forgot one singular stance: Primal Fury

Bob Saget

Just a little constructive criticism, but when you are describing the stances I think you should use other words other than strike, It kind of gets repetitive...

Omega1306 #

Thank you shockingl talon is the one im going to use

Andrew Luo

Most people don't know that gleaming talon has a slightly, but noticeably, faster charge attack (throw animation), which makes it much better for those who only throw glaives. If you don't believe me, test it in simulacrum and observe the difference for yourself.


I'm a bit late to the party on your channel but I love all your content man. Keep it up. Your Miter Riven video inspired me to get a crappy Miter Riven and reroll it into something good, and I ended up with nearly 200% extra multi-shot. Suffice it to say I've been having a blast.

New Familiar

You don’t really say where they drop which is really important where do they drop ???

Callum Butler

No one is selling the Glaive p set on Xbox. No one..... :(

Christian Cramer

I thank you for all the builds

Nathan McDaniel

I got Astral Twilight from what looked like a Kuva Guardian today. It isn't in the wiki but it was on a regular Kuva mission on Mars.

Kryštof Paulík

Can i join your clan?

Tobias Naulin

how high is the moon spy drop chance? high or low?


RIP stance videos. For now...


Watched this vid and then spent 25p to get potato + astral twilight for cerata

No regrets

Raiel H.

Been player for three weeks now. Just discovered the glaive. Holy shit was my mind blown, I thought the Nikana was my favorite melee weapon but the nasty little fucker is giving it a solid run for it’s money.

Jose Gomez

Too bad if you don't have Glaive prime or any stance mods that goes with it, you'll have to pay so much platinum, lol.


I traded this for a flow and a streamline ( I needed them for my Excalibur).


So you said you're doing the story contest on Sunday right?
and what like minimum health and shields should my Loki prime be at before i start doing sorties cause, im worried if i start one that i will be blown away immediately?

Bohemian Dreams

whats your accent? i wanna say something like Lithuanian?

Super Sentai Pepsi

I'm on ps4, of anybody wants to buy my astral twilight, type in my name SmoothPepsiColah pm your offer here tell me it on ps4


Come here for all my stance fixes

Music Ming Yi

Platium farm plz


Midnight CLOUT




Can I still get this Stance as a reward from the moon spy mission?

Callum Butler

No one is selling the Glaive p set on Xbox. No one..... :(

Vincenzo Lionblaze Lantino

No more stance videos?
This makes me sad :'(

Seth Lancaster

For people still looking for an easier way to get Astral Twilight: It goes for anything between 5-10 platinum in the trade chat and Warframe.Market

jacob lansman

I hate The Thing

Jason Bryce

Can you do a Glaive or kestrel build? I know theres alot of them already out there but i prefer your builds :)


Just watched the Excalibur - Valkyr stances video and was wondering if Wukong has a stance for his 4th ability...?


wow warframe from 4 years ago sure looks different from what it is now...


i know im in the future but idk if you can get the stance mods in the market or from enemies.


Can you do a video about where to get the Acolyte Tactical Alert because I heard there was a place where they drop and I really want those mods

Death Rows

WAIT! YOU FORGOT THE ORVIUS! Lol jkjk, this video is older than the weapon implemented in the game.

Muhummad Khan

Best Glaive stance?
The one with the highest capacity cuz your never swinging it your throwing it


Just a thought: The Halikar has a chance to disarm enemies, right? Well in real life wouldn't you be able to pick up and use that weapon? And if you extracted with said weapon you should be able to keep and customize it, right? The only catch being that the picked up weapon would replace whatever was in it's spot; primary/secondary/melee and you would loose whatever weapon you put down to pick it up (but that would only happen if you had one in that spot to begin with...)


How do you do this on Xbox since the camera doesn't stay locked I don't see how it's possible to walk backwards and melee on console which is what I play on


Where can i locate this mod.

Tavian Williams

How do you do rising moon on console without looking backwards in a weird way

Andy Anderson

Rank 20 and i finally got a Gleaming Talon to drop


Try glaive + max primed reach + Astral twilight :3

Callum Butler


Music Ming Yi

360P F Y

Matthew Moon

But wait! You still haven't done Wukong's Primal Fury.

Arion Y.

Luckily I got it for free from a very nice guy.

Rasdan Handel

Best stance? Secondary Weapon + Glaive.
I love the combo.



chad king

ofc the crappier 1 drops for me..

BasicZ 223

i found twilight while farming kuva

just bored

how much does astral twilight worth?

Daniel Waltz

note that you can also get Astral twilight from the Kuva jesters

Hashir Tahir

Thanks man


For those looking for a new Glaive build after their op buff or trying to figure out which stance to use just for fun, this is VERY outdated. Astral twilight lost its mobility in melee 3.0 and Gleaming Talon is probably the best now. Good luck guys!


I kept hearing "Asshole Twilight" and was most amused.


The tomorrow DE introduces anew weapon with new stance lel.

Professor Weaboo

Damn glaives look so fun and cool to play with

Chromatic Rascal

Brb writing a prog song called Mercury Vortex

A Lost eagle

I got lucky and got gleaming talon by transmuting power throws :)

Aaron Williams

You pronounced it correctly.

Krystal Krystium

The Gleaming Talon is meant for the Halikar mace, the boomerang, anything that isn't meant to be spun in the hand.

Mighty Migit

got it for 10 plat lol

Jay Trill

How do u attack while still facing forward.. when i press back for combos he turns around, its kinda annoying