The NPC We Didn't Know About! Alternate Intro Explained - Stardew Valley

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The NPC We Didn't Know About! Alternate Intro Explained - Stardew Valley

766 682 views | 20 Sep. 2018
766 682 views | 20 Sep. 2018

Dobson is the NPC that was originally going to be the villain in Stardew Valley. He was scrapped and more or less replaced with Morris. Concerned Ape was kind enough to explain this on the last video I did speculating on what exactly this bus scene is. Plus today we get the cutscene and dialogue! Stardew Valley gameplay with my commentary as always!

Mason Westkamper

The girl and kid are in the fair, isnt that right simon

jelle luyten

Doesn't the guy with the paper look like Lewis? a bit..



Minecraft Cringe

Sun 0?

The Wizard

sorry you've probably heard this and will probably never read this its docK ile


It would have been interesting if after totally completing the game you could play a new game+ with that version.


i'd love it if dobson was implemented in a different game! if concernedape was to ever make a story-based pixelated game, dobson could be included in it.

Owen Niehaus

So that means morris = Dobson and Dobson = Morris


2020 anyone


Bruh my name is simone and you just called me a moron lollll.

Xyianne De leon

The mom and simon the kid is in the stardew valley fair too


Did someone spontaneously combust and turn into ash in the seat next to the old woman?

Michael Tomaszewski

So you just go to the red circle and press B in year one? Is it really that simple

Susan Meter

Play bedwars Minecraft

Helen Smith

I really want you to turn dobson into seeds and eat him

60 Second Gaming

Dobson return after we kicked out Morris ass

Lula Stevens

i took ONE look at dobson
and decided
"yeah he's probably gay"

Danielle Martine Encinares

What is NPC?

Lukas hallo


Elzeekio Labbee

Without a villian every playthrough is different. Based on my character, i tailor friends and enemies based on him. The replayability would drop if the same guy messed with me every time o started a new character.

N. W. Dood

Is this a mod? Can I see it in my Android game version?

Wonder PRO


Prof. Cacti

LOL sorry i just needa say when on bus the date is SUN 0

Christopher Bull

I still would want to see more of the alternative worker instead Morris or have them tag team


"and all the young men are delinquents from what I've seen so far..."
Why is it true..


Now we're going to see a mod of the alternate version of the game with Dobson and all the bullshit he'll do, probably put the Jojamart on your farm if you're not careful...

NotTiffany XD


Melkior Wiseman

My personal opinion is that removing Dobson was a good call. I think it would have spoiled the "feel" of the game to have such an overt antagonist in it.

Miss Núñez

I have 300 hours in Stardew Valley and I have no idea what this is.
Help im lost

Nadja Krzyżańska

I knew about him I found him in the game files :)




I cant decide whether having dobson as a marrige canadite would be cool or not like if we were nice to him like shane he would eventually quite his job at the joja mart and come live with us and help with farm work like the other npcs his dialog would be something like "now that were married i see how bad joja mart really is" or "im glad you got the community center up and running i cant imagine running pierre out of buisness"

xX VoidGoat08 Xx

The date in the top right is the 0 of spring

The dabbing Gamer

Looks like concerned Ape was CONCERNED with our finding hehehehehehe


That's the 100th time you said "Hello everyone" at the start of your video.

Mom I Ok thanks

His voice is so calming


funny how Haley didnt overhear Dobson and go "HOW DARE YOU" with jumping red orange black and yellow text and yes, red eyes


wait, is this a mod?

Captain Lucas


Slip Biz

That pam comment made me
Me laugh more than it should have

Diego Wolfe

Dobson dobson we've got dobson here........

See no body cares!!!

Zealous Being01

Man I miss these videos...

Madeline Weiss

With Dobson, we may have a situation like in the show Gravity Falls where the bad guy just pops up every now and then and then adds some sort of quest or mini adventure that puts the whole town at stake.

Xaviera Dobson

My last name is Dobson this is...


Lmao arent Simon and his mom guests during the fall festival?!


Id Buy Dat If ConcernedApe Made It Into SDV2

Ace Debnar

All the dislikes are from Pam using different accounts

H. G. Allen

what are you, pam?

Bnha Watcher

Jen Sim

This is almost like a creepypasta....


He looks like Leon from resident evil, what could have happened to him if umbrella turned out a bit differently.

Kisuke Urahara

....? Wasn't that the model (essentially) for Morris though? (The one meant to be Dobson)


The way you say sir combined with my rooms echo makes my iPad open Siri :p

BRUHH 5000

If you interact with the newspaperman's bag, a dialogue would've been like this

Newspaper Man's Bag - "Man: Get your claws off my bag."

Newspaper Man's Bag (2) - "Man: ...Did you hear me, kid? Scram!"

Newspaper Man's Bag (3) - "Man: What are you, some kind of bum?"

Newspaper Man's Bag (4) - "Man: ...*Sigh*... Kids these days..."

Newspaper Man's Bag (5) - "Man: For the love of Yoba, get your filthy paws off my designer bag!"

Newspaper Man's Bag (6) - "Man: That bag costs more than you'll make in ten years!"

Newspaper Man's Bag (7) - "Man: Arghh!! Take this and leave me alone, you hooligan!" (followed by) "Received 1g."

Newspaper Man's Bag (8) - "Man: ..."

This is all from stardew wiki

Hercule Joestar

Stardew was supposed to have a villain? Kind of glad that was removed I definitely enjoy the simple premise more

Simply Vince

Dobson would have been cool... If we could romance him

Heorge Garrison

Bruh thats my second name :p


The lady and her son Simon actually appear at the game festival where you can play games with tokens, in fall i think it is.


Love how Dobson's character in the game is literally just Morris

Nehh Ver

Who's here in 2020 because videos like this never get old?


I don't mind having a confrontational bad guy, as long as I get to hang him at the end.

Myrill Anne Sana

Omg what did pam do to you?


Should've bought a beer from Gus first and gifted it to the bus driver


Sorry everyone, I had the quotes from Concerned Ape in text but they got lost in the exporting process..

Edward Bluebear

You know your voice is attractive just saying
Just because I'm a guy


I'm glad of the direction that stardew made...

But I feel like Dobson might've been a great villain at the sametime. I mean, I already like him as a character. Sure, he might be a trash person, but he might've been a great character to explore.

That's just me. I usually like villian characters that have great development, and I already feel like Dobson would've been a sympathetic villain.

I hope he isn't forgotten, otherwise, R.I.P.

Don't get me wrong, like I said: the game is great as it is, and I'm glad it didn't go that route. Just - Dubson would've been a great character if he was explored, just a bit more. I hope that helps. Thank you, very much for showing this.


idc im still going the joja route XD


Only worth it if I can romance Dobson

Doreamon Nobita

Df when will you marry hat mouse
And divorce it.....

Marceline Chan

I hate you but you make me laugh so hard love ya DangerouslyFunny


How miri robin

Rusty Dusty

Imagine marrying and divorcing Dobson

Max Greiner

Simon is from the fall festival

emily marquez

How can u get on the bus with a iPad not a laptop

Eszra 01

Oh so the joja guys would have been different. That's cool. Kind of would have liked that. More fun killing joja if you ask me.

Super Sloth

You know the grampa cutscene at the start which you can tick on and off, this should be like that ''have extended bus scene'' . Some things could change of course but it would be fun just on the bus, talking to your stardew friends, also there should be some more npcs from town not just haley. :P

Virgil Patton

I got the bus the same day I watched this

GD Diggy

I love how DF sounds like he can be your best friend but if you get on his bad side he will DESTROY you.


at least we get a glimpse or an introduction of what Joja is.
now? you won't even know there's an NPC called Morris if you never go inside JojaMart

Random Person

Mumps is a better villain, to be honest.

George Linde

How do I get on the bus with out getting the ticket

ملك الأيس كريم

4:10 the house looks horrible

Gnome Boi

i feel like the junimo's when he's there and you actually replace the place with that that some things go missing like and go into the trash

gabby l

i honestly think that having dobson would have been cool, adding something different to the game!


When your in Android

Sastar c

Lets be real here, Dobson could literally STep on you and everyone would still be like:

Catherine Alvarez

I'm in mobile tho so does it still work on mobile

SnakeEatingAPringle •*•

3:34 im dying


is this a mod?


bad things happen when I interact with people- my life

Lily G

'Pumping it real good...

Just like mumps on the NPCs of the town'

I am dead.

Chris Cormac

Imagine Morris having to awnser to him, it would've given more depth, sure morris is a jerk but the higher up you go the worse it gets, where Dobson is there to do what morris can't



Fanisya Hernanda

Come to my channel if you want to know how to move with your horse using a minecart

Kelly M

why is it not working for me


Those People are in star dew valley fair

Piper Ricca

I might actually focus on the story of the game instead of push Abigail useless items (for some reason, amethyst) if we had the evil Dobson story.

mario baquiran

"lady your not capable of what doin im gonna crash the bus"

I like this guy in a very creepy way

Jothan JD

You are a jerk

Dominic 365

Lol releases scaped cut scences as dlc