Global Dekaron | It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3, Unfinished AK PvP Montage | 데카론

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Global Dekaron | It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3, Unfinished AK PvP Montage | 데카론

22 221 views | 19 Jul. 2018
22 221 views | 19 Jul. 2018

Since my AK's on a permanent holiday, i'll never be able to get more clips or finish this video off properly, so here's what I had left around - mostly from a few recordings when I only had +7 helpy armour, pants, gloves with +4 helpy boots and gd 2h axe! ^^

Ideally you should use heavy blow after shield shove for max dps in the "stun" (uses 100% move speed debuffs and silence aswell) lock combo, but it's still good like that in the clip. The STUN is in " marks for a reason, because it's not a true stun lock.. But putting "100% movement speed, silence, stun and shock combo" across half the screen is bad for many obvious reasons. :3

Maybe some more DKSQ clips left to come for AK aswell!

Song name: BASS BOOSTED CAR MUSIC MIX 2018 #2 (It doesn't list the song names seperate! ;-;)

Feel free to leave feedback, criticisms etc in the comments or message me - always open to constructive discussions!

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Night Parade

the new skills are amazing


OOO long time Shiro 2moons ah man!

tsetso iliev

If pey tu win is fun for u... pure noob..


im still hoping for dekaron 2 or dekaron remaster this game is my first online game my first love T_T


I was wondering if you could help me powerlevel. Old 2moons player here wanting to get back into the game.


Nice video mate

RedOne Black

I just see a noob spend lots of money for a fking boring game. Claps u did it. wasted money.!

Alessandra Tan

can i have your account?


Realistically, how P2W would you say Dekaron is nowadays? Is there a chance for a F2P, casual player to be remotely competitive in PvP?

Polish Music

If it is so Easy why you using buffs ? the real best ak could defeat anyone with 145 wep and no buffs and unmaxed skills.


ー テキーラマンゴ

wow clap clap gj noob proud with rune with set made by 100% tali looool you are my hero fail ak


Why level and exp blurred when we can see the level from party and exp from the bar


great video made me miss that game alot , RIP my summy 2014 -Exile

lady Mae


LUCI Morningstar

Only prob is ak is squishy from lvl 1 till 170. Lol i cant never play a char like that. Im trying have fun, not waste hours i dont have on a char.

Night Parade

lots of pots


haha nice

Rence Trapsi YTC

teach me best combo for 2h bro

first offense then back for buff and then 2nd offense simply means effective techniques bro


nice video go more !!!!!!!!!!