Bob Marley - Pimper's Paradise (long version)

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Bob Marley - Pimper's Paradise (long version)

1 271 294 views | 12 Sep. 2009
1 271 294 views | 12 Sep. 2009

A Pimper's Paradise, that's all she was now.


Thomas Peoples


Maria TJA

Pimpers paradise.
Yessss thats for every daylight .

Jeffrey Watkins

I always thought he said "every meat has an eagle to feed". Oops.

Bitew daniel

bob marly the king of regga

Clay Viteri


pill author

a girl that wouldn't give bob no pus . thats what she was frfr

D. Scott

The photos are as great as the song!! Thanxx New Duppy Conqueror!


@tennis3022 um i dont exactly remember when but i like to search the meaning of all the songs i listen to and i cant remember if i had searched up damians version or Bob's but both are made for Damians mother and are both really great songs :)



Karim Outaidelt

the lyrics are strong, it's a life lesson

Tuni Rex

WHO STILL listen to the song till now a days

raw blue

She love 2 party have a good time


Reminds me of my parents playing this super loud every Saturday morning to wake us up to clean the house lol

Vacation Chris

Top 5 Songs ever to me!!!


@junior311 'nobody knows what a song means' 'i know what this song means' great paradox my friend..

Milton Jose


no to your lesbian potluck lol

Carloss Escobar


el tchapo de sinaloa

this song keeps me just going.

Zlatko C

Fitness Paradise

michael jordan

aA pimpers paradise Don't loose track of yourself pimper's paradise
don't be just another stock on the shelf stock on the shelf.....

Jaylocs 205

Wish I could have me Mr Bob Marley. Truly the king of reggae!!!! Forever missed. Never forgotten.

Shawna Mcneil

She was only good enough for a one night stand is exactly what he's saying

Virginia Rocha

I have the pipe to grow more herb in Jamaica

Robert McCall

This man left some big ass shoes to fill...not even all his sons put together could fill them. Pure admiration with no imitation!

chiro waki

Rasta ✌

angela ramjohn

best tune !!!


i love bob but i didnt hear this one til i was playin gta4


RIP Boss Man

Lemercier Archange

Wooooooooo pimper's paradise

CJ Green

Bob Marley.......Like so many other great musical philosopher's, taken from us too soon, why.

vendetta Spirit

what a legend

Lenworth Matthews

love it


И ведь нашелся идиот который поставил дислайк.

Jhonatan Cardoso

Versão extendida linda demais

steve hewitt

Very nice ext version. Brilliant song.

Felipe Dourado dos Santos


akeem grant

this song doesn’t fit him.

Marian Kociemba

I love his crying voice,so soothing


sounds like he's talking bout Cindy Breakspeare dont it? I feel sorry for Damian.

Robert Corral

Every needs got an ego to feed! She likes to smoke, sometimes she'll sniff coke!


@junior311 wtf are u talking about i never said i needed the official meaning of a song to like it, i just replied to a comment left by someone.. wtf

Mr. Smiley

sad truth never sounded sweeter

Jason Ryder

4 people need to take their meds.......

Empress 6573

Young ladies feed your ego with education stay at home don't be a pimpers paradise

Matthew Melling


Percy Trading

Your killing softly


@dirtyweasel yes the song was written about Damians mother. its a beautiful song that shows the person whos on the drug can be a good person its the drug tho that ruins their lives. My mother was addicted to crack cocaine and this song and damians version both bring me to tears when i hear it

Johannes van der Stuyvebode

one love

Jasmin Ibrisimovic

Positive vibes from bob marley

Shawn Ramon

My uncle Hardy is a reggae disciple. When I was a kid,I used to always hear him playing Bob Marley. He would always say that Bob was the king. I didn't understand what he meant, but now I do.

Vassil Vassilev

4:10 - onward - Hotling Bling outro

discordant dancers

Bob is just one of the best ever, his voice, his tone, the melodies are just perfect or near perfect. So many versions of each track. 2 or 3 out of the 6 versions of a single track could be amazing

Mario Barbosa


Rey Jimen

Number 1 rege


nethin Bob make is worth listenin 2 n lovin.........tha rehearsal of this song (wich is also on youtube) is tha absolute best!!

Hafiza Zidi


Brian Ngugi

waaah,pimpers paradise


Jammy jam...sad but true lyrics...


this song keeps me just going.



William taylor Winn

Pumping while we're pimping in paradise..
love ,respect,understanding,you want to fight,then I'll hit you with musiccc.


merci !!!!!!!! vyvy

Jonathan Cardoso

Big tune Jah Rastafari, the best version

santamaria the bross

im on the sky

John Cross, Jr.

Thanks to the most high. That scowl though. That's Bob.

Sanja Ignjatovic

He basically called her a hoe for having a good time.

tariq abdulWadūd

dont be in no need of no one except the Most High.. if your needs fall into the needs of man than you are just food for their egotism.. many men are paradises for pimps and their egos

Jean Marc

"every needs got an ego to feed"

Betsy Denning



5.59 minutes of high ranking musical pleasure.

Esteban A

SO long. what a great version :D i love it!

Real Samson

A 6-minute song unheard of today where did the patient's go

Mon Bio Moulin à Dunkerque


Matthew Melling

People who don't like this need to give there heads a shake


@junior311 man that site is pretty weak, its just personal opinions about song meanings by people who never even met the person who wrote the song, so how can they truely know what it means ya kno?

Kenny Starfighter

Cleansing to listen to. So much toxic music nowadays, this clears our minds. Makes us see in clarity with good vibes :) Bob marley did wonders for us. A teacher, a artist, a man with great wisdom and love for himself and the world.

Angel Shepherd

@abcmsvxyz she wasn't a prostitute, although rumours say she was, but she most probably had an addiction as many of the people in her circle most probably did: if you hang around that kind of company long enough it will rub off on you.

Virginia Rocha

is a mountain of fruit juices rivers all around

Barbara Nitsche

This is an all-round successful thing ,
terriffic both of them--- picture slideshow and song .THANKS .


nice jam for everyone to enjoy. don't hate just love it

Radimir Tromp

Good vibe blaze it upp all day bless

Paul Lennon

I Remember da "excitement" on my x-gals face wen we came out of HMV havin jus purchased it, knowin she was gonna be da first person to introduce me to dis absolute "CLASSIC" Ha Ha!! Boy, she was sooooooo excited, "Bless Her!" She was obviously soooooo Passionate abaut Bob n da "Uprising" album.. Lol! First hearin it, "I WAS HOOKED" ha ha n ad da same track on "Repeat" for a gud few hrs... ha ha!! (Sad aint i) pmsl!! Dis track n "turn ur lites dwn low" were my all-tme fave's my dis Great Legend!

toñex Reggae-Music

Por siempre vivirás en mi corazón

Ida Mae


Mustafa Karaaslan

how can i find that pictures man? how did you find.. :)

Claudio Roberto

Uma reflexão sobre a vaidade humana...


7ma9tina a....


yeeehhh,,, its full of goodness dis long 12 inch. Thanks bud fo da upload




groovy baby