Fuhattan V2 by Americlone Review Driving w/ BV88

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Fuhattan V2 by Americlone Review Driving w/ BV88

6 527 views | 22 May. 2015
6 527 views | 22 May. 2015

Reviewing the Fuhatton V2 and explaining some of the positives and negatives of the mod itself!#BV88

Bryan Aleman

322 traffic is a bitch, I could tell that was the stop sign before Kenworth dealer, keep doin u bro, vids are funny

Bearded Buds CEO

Hahahahaha exactly right hahaha

Mountain Summiter

Why are you wearing girl glasses

mat rawson

this dude is fucking awesome!! i was laughing the whole time! HUNNED FIFTY THOU!!!


The fuhatton could be a higher grade/purity copper giving better conductivity. Also the fuhatton has magnets in the switch vs. a spring in the simple.

Moe Abdelaziz

bro i love your videos you are funny as fuck!!! just order my new fu-hattan!! Mad exited!!

Gary Roybal

Sound like you where in a Acura str8 flexing it my bio ! Vape that shit<~~~~~~

Bryce Dawson

I have the fuhattan but it doesn't have the logo on the bottom just the fuck you on the side

Darth Yoda

Are you in Jacksonville, Fl? asking do to the 295 interstate remark

Christopher Leonard

'Cloud Expertologist' lol

Chief Sosa

Bruhh stop talking about your life and get on with the fuhattan.

Mitch Oberman

new subscriber here. love the content bro ur funny as fuck! my local shop has the same middle finger version I been thinkin bout pickin it up. thanx for the review. BTW, no drip tip and no top cap?? haha hittin that shit str8 off the coil yo lol vape on man

D. Failner

it's ameraclone not americlone.


The video could've been about 3 minutes long.... lol.

k luper

Rock the Glasses!!! Bro