Stellaris - Rubricator Mechanics (It's Next To The Empress's Lilac Ribbon)

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Stellaris - Rubricator Mechanics (It's Next To The Empress's Lilac Ribbon)

111 766 views | 7 Jun. 2019
111 766 views | 7 Jun. 2019

Ratlings? With knickknacks? And they have a minor artifact replicator? Where do I sign up?

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Stellaris Copyright © 2019 Paradox Interactive AB.

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Ian Achey

They should bring in budongs from Farscape and let us mine those for resources lol


I hit this Rubricator trap and the "Shard" appeared and wreaked havoc swallowing my science ship. The "Shard" stayed there and now I am building my fleets to take it on.

Tristan Jones

I had a zroni minor Colonie overwrite the dig site. At least no dragon right?


The reward seems a bit underwhelming


wish you had put this video out a day or two earlier....


I told Shard to give back MY Rubicator. My science ship survived and my system is uselessly sitting there empty. I will kill it all else is secondary

Ezts Holt

I DIDN’T leave it alone, actually.
Now I have a giant dragon guarding my size 19 relic planet. Woo hoo


Still need to spawn the dragon soon enough. Or it might spawn around a different relict world


If Disney hadn't killed of Ackbar we wouldn't be in this mess!!

Nick Spanoudakis

could have used this video A WEEK AGO!

I did get the colony down before Shard spawned tho.... now he is holding down the system and.... the Galactic Market chose that planet. So the economic center of the galaxy is only accessible by smuggling past a Grand Dragon

Antony Charnock

As soon as I read the words "Foul Stench"......


Also Shard can be beat with 20 k fleet power. I handily beat him with 20 k and only lost 4 in the battle.


Can you make a video about your favorite and used stellaris mods

Josip Begonja

wish i had seen this yesterday...

Nicklas Askerod

I killed it today, wait 20k fleet power! For me it feels so good to finally kill it.

Wise One1494

this was the first dig i got when i got relics and i instantly regret not waiting till mid/late game to get it done.




Hi Aspec, thx for this video !

The problem... I did a little mistake I killed the dragon with the console for scientifics purposes but... 1) It did not validate the event ant 2) add_ship Shard the Dragon (founded in the files) is not working either... If someone has the solution for this...

Ryoku Hasu

I got the Rubricator and the new Precursor system literally right next to each other in my first playthough... sadly I was doing a Synthetic evolution run and didn't get the full Psi bonuses from the precursor relic. (edit) Odd, my Rubricator made 50 artifacts per activation.

El Gurkus

I always skip the rubricator, because shad just annoys me, and at the point when I can beat him, the rubricator isn't really worth it anymore


Dammit why did I spoil myself

Ferbinte Gabriel

My God, In my cmpaign the rubricator poped up. My mistake was I excavated the site and THAT DROGON TORE MY NICE STARHOLD AND A FLEET STATIONED! I swear I was so shocked, I was just jaw dropped. I had to restart from an erlier save, I had to! And well I said why I shouldnt ILL THE DRAGON! My total fleet power with two fleets was 5K..... and yeah ...Sent my fleet to total death.... Organized Crime? Yeash I guess.... Since then the Rubricator was my death. So I said to never finish excavating until I get a giant powerful fleet. I am just waiting to kill it.

Ryan Stallard

You can take it down with about 20k fleet power if you get rid of all shield weapons (Leviathans don't have any) and just go with ones with bonuses to hull/armor. I like to use a bunch of corvettes as a distraction while my bigger ships fire away at it undisturbed.

Josh Spain

Uhhhhh, I have recently been able to get the most dlcs and have been able to play as mechanical beings. During this playthrough I've encountered this event near the end of war in haven or soon afterwards. However, I cannot track where I need to scan and therefore cannot complete it. I do believe it is the result of another faction excavating the site already as it was such late game when I recieved the event. However, then why give me the event?
Also, is there supposed to be an end game event after the war in heaven? I can't remember when I set the crisis event to start, either 2450, 2500, or 2550. However, the war in heaven happened soon after 2450, making me believe that it is the end game crisis, but they aren't listed as 1 from what I've looked up. So now I'm paranoid at when, if any, crisis events happen.
And yes, I do know that every 5 years a random, increased chance of a crisis event will occur when the players sets when they want it to start.

Sean Muller

Rats, oh no
It's the skaven


One question, best ships? Corvettes and battleships?

Aljaz Hosta

It spawned the system in my rivals territory of course.


grand dragon only in the context of the kkk have i ever heard this


This was the third excavation I did in the recent patch.

Saw the shard after several months/years excavating, I did not expect the game to do me like that.


Defeated it with only 12k fleet power. Had to make a second fleet as the first one was destroyed but an alloy overflow is great

Ufuk ER

Aspec evasiv bois do it


Couldn’t finish it i killed shard. But it says I didn’t

Leonard Hollsten

Isn't the dragon rather small if it was capable of hiding on the planet, compared to say the actual Ether Drake which is the size of a small continent?

Michael Price

“By the way, this is a hand holding a brush.”
Haha. Very funny Aspec. I’ve been playing this game since launch. It’s clearly a spaceship crashing into a deser.... oh my god. Oh god. I see it now.


Are Machine Empires unable to restore a relic world? I been playing a driven assimilation and have three relic worlds cleared all blockers but I do not have the option to restore the relic worlds :( I have both the one from this event, the one from the precursor event chain and from an assimilated empire. I loved getting the one from the precursor event as I cannot make one myself.






Can you get a baby dragon from this? Like the dragon from leviathan.


Only found out about this once I had a 20 pop colony on the relic world and then the dragon erased those people in about a month...thanks stellaris. Really just...ugh.


I started the Rubricator chain, dug everything up, and then it bugged and Shard appeared around a different relic planet on the other side of the galaxy in a friend's empire. Sad times.

Ryan Stallard

It's so annoying when the AI takes the system ahead of you, because they like to immediately excavate and unleash the dragon, making the planet uncolonizable/untakable until the mid-game.


I killed him with the Grand Herald :D

Brandon Cook

@Aspec what megastructures are in the vanilla game


An interesting strategy would be to colonize the relic world and then excavate Shard out in the open. Shard will hand out in the system and protect it from baddies for you. You don't get an outpost in the system but why do you need one with 15+ K fleet power guarding it for you?

Hans Kári Joensen

when upgrading a relic world to ecumenopolis do i loose the spire ?


>Subscribe for more DRAGON TRAPS
does subscribing multiple times spawn more of them in your future videos?


Therapist: kawaii space drake doesn't exists, it can't hurt you

Kawaii space dragon: ÒwÓ


Huh. I feel like a minority for knowing that was a hand holding a brush all along.

Sam Ferguson

The Rubricator. Not to be confused with the Lubricator.


The shard didn’t turn hostile in 5-10 minutes after the new update lol
Don’t choose the first one and have a fleet ready


Aspec's normal game speed is literally faster than my fastest game speed. My pc is a potatoe.


I second what ASpec said: If you get the Rubricator relic world do not finish the dig site til you can kill the space dragon.

Lawrence Desbiens-Benn

Sadly, I've already disturbed the dragon.

mr. luk

the shard controlled the sistem for 100 years in my game


I managed to defeat it with 27k military power, most of it from corvettes

Justin Davies



Ive had this event a few times now, never had the event pop up once i entered the sytem. might be multiplayer bug? as thats all ive been playing for months with friends.

The Meerkat

3:25 omg bro ur so funny i laughed so hard here omg almost fell out of my chair omg hahahaha im laughing so hard rn i think im about to die holy crap hahahaHHAHA please give me some lessons on how to make cool jokes like yours ur so good omg


Now the dragon also snags your population on the planet. Dont do last stage befor not doing full evac of planet

Uncanny Beagle

"Rubric a derp." The captions are funny.

Blue Shell Incident

Dragon traps you say? Interesting...


Lol I always thought that 'hand' was a spaceship...

The Mongoose

That "dragon" looks more like a fish.

Will von Ray

A warning to all viewers: Since the new update, the dragon also destroys your colony!

But at least your Science Ship jumps out of the system immediately, so the scientist is safe


Just got to this one in an early-game playthrough. Got to deal with a Dragon now...will be a LONG LONG LONG time before I can have the FP to face it though.

Alan Main

I like to build a bastion star base in the system beforehand to supplement my fleet. I can always convert it to anchorages later.


you release two days after I was streaming the game during a birthday bash charity stream and encountered the Rubricator and the Grand Shard. Didn't expect that at all to the end of the event chain. Took me by surprise. Though i was in no position to colonize the planet anyway since the system was very near the space of an ally, who I now need to try to protect against a devouring swarm hive mind.
Overall, this came a little too late to be of use to me. :(


I got this in my first 2.3 game.

And it bugged out. There's no tracking option and I have no idea where the system is and now I'm very sad.

I Jahn

I got fucking flooded by that hand holding a brush thing like what the fuck

Aanthanur DC

Who is also here because a freaking dragon killed your fleet?

Aidan Hartley

I killed the shard in my ironman game and it didnt complete the quest


I find this then I find the grand herald excavation site a few systems away

Brenton Herbert

My version of this the planet and system was named Skat... o_o AND THAT WAS THE GAME NOT ME!


I wonder how this plays out with my Robots. Can you Mind Control robots? Nope.


3:48 What kind of trap are we talking about?


"Subscribe for more dragon traps"

Not my go to source but the more the merrier.

Smart Food

Does anybody else have the problem of not being able to terraform uninhabitable planets since 2.3?

Mr. Lovett

Apsec i killed her with 10k of corvettes ,

Stefan H.

Shard can be beaten with a 20k fleet as well. I did have the Great Herald in that fleet though. And about 30 corvettes to keep the dragon occupied. Then about 20 destroyers and 6 cruisers (didn't have battleships yet). Without the Herald you'd need a bunch more cruisers to offset the damage that thing does. Prepare to lose most of your corvettes, but Shard is actually not that good at hitting them, so as long as your cruisers and destroyers put out enough damage, it will go down before it gets to attack your bigger ships.
oh yeah, I also had the damage boost from the science enclave. Forgot what those boys are called.


Just be glad you didn't find any warpstone tokens among the possessions of those 'kleptomaniac rats'.


700 hours in the game and I thought that it was a downed starship and not a hand with a brush thank you for the clarity sempai aspec

The dick site lul

Tiefseehase des Todes

I name my planets always Rubricator, and Im very proud of my creativity.

Rote Kampfflieger

got relics dlc advertisement on this video

Spees Techsupport

I bet the fucking furries did this

NapolisthePirate's my issue, I didnt colonize the planet before i found Mr. Shard....okay, I made it out alive even after demanding the replicator back....I'm like okay "I'll be back"...., meanwhile, a lil later, im growing some fungus and it decides to start talking. I'm like, okay, you need to find a new home for this wonderful new species......NO not THERE!!!!.....grrr. Now i cant attack the grand dragon because the fungus species has closed the border to me, cant declare war cause its their ONLY home and i cant make a claim, plus since there is a hostile in the same location...., long story short, cant get back into the system to do anything....Is this a glitch????


Aspec, i got this and i colonized the planet but there is no digsite?
The chain isnt going anywhere what do i do?

Jon White

WTB playable Klepto rodents!


The “hand holding a brush” red pill was something I was definitely not prepared for.


just build a nice spacestation with some defensive emplacements before u start digging, works wonders!

Clown Baby

Is it a hand holding a brush or a shovel? I think it's a shovel.


Oh so I'm not the only one who thought the hand was a spaceship?

Daniel Worden

You might want to update this video since Shard now wipes out the colony automagically when she spawns.

Morally Conflicted Tortoise

A solar system without a star? Now that sounds like an anomaly

Mister Inadequate

didn't see this until after I did this event. I did colonize first because a size 23 relic world - oh boy

Nuclear Mayhem

wish the game did not encourage players to check events online on forehand, i decided not to. fucking hell losing the planet fucked my economy. think theres a slim chance il continue playin this game now.


Hey, ASpec. Lazy Boiis with utopian abundance, and a charismatic syncretic species as domestic servants. Can it be done?


AI empires can trigger this event for you. I ran into the relic world without triggering the situation log.

Little Enderman

The shard didn’t spawn for me


In my most recent playthrough, the rubricator spawned on the other side of another empire. The rubricator spawned off of a star system that an unfriendly empire was currently outposting. I'm playing as a tall, materialistic, xenophillic megacorp, and this other empire is full of xenophobic spiritualists. FML!!! Lol. Plus, I had a starbase outside my borders, away from my chokepoint to get a dig site. Once done, I was planning on abandoning it and retreating my forces back to my chokepoint border. Nope, the baol homeworld spawned off of it, so now I've got two valuable planets outside my chokepoints. Also, the rubricator site shows as completed by the other empire, now. I'll have to send some people over and hope my sensors reach far enough to see if Shard has shown up.