Chainmail vs. katana

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Chainmail vs. katana

145 943 views | 16 Oct. 2014
145 943 views | 16 Oct. 2014

From "Deadliest Warrior - Viking vs. Samurai"


Daniel Mace

Those Asian guys are pissed

Pablo andres Pizarro torres



Finally! Someone didn't use butted mail! I'm so happy!:)


Katanas only cut butter

Eduard Jaimes

a real samurai in a combat against an armored enemy will use a naginata or a bow first, and of course, he will be using also full armor, katanas were for one to one duel in the Edo period against people without armor, or the last weapon to use if the bow or the naginata won't be effective.

Weebish Child

Rip weebs.

Tom Worth

Armor works that's why it existed

Paul A

I would expect something similar with a longsword against Japanese armor. Armor is meant to be functional. If a piece of armor doesn't worked it's not used. Like bulletproof vests which works better in today's context.

Sebastian T

A gladius would go right thru

Jeffrey Gao

The test speaks for itself but I bet a yari would’ve wrecked that mail, considering the lack of padding to support it.


Joke's on them: Area 51 guards don't wear chainmail.


No shit, cutting weapons are useless against metal armor. And in times of war in asia aswell in europe and everywhere around the globe swords were only sidearms. The main weapon of warfare always were polearms with a much more powerful thrust plus the option of a axe, nail or hammer modification to use against armored targets.


Who tf slashes against chainmail?

Alex Moult

You must be forgetting that the Katana is a cut and thrust weapon and thrusts work better on chain armour, not to mention the huge blunt impact because they hadn't put any form of textile armour underneath

Chain was replaced for a reason, a cut at that angle would break ribs and a thrust would get through by a good few inches

Andrzej Wojciechowski

For honor trailer brought me here when katana cut off feet in chainmail

John yang

That's why we use guns


What the heck sword can slash through any armour??? Trust into it!

Cloud Seeker

Well. Apart from that isn't how mail should have been worn. You don't have mail next to the skin, you have it over padding like think clothes or a gambeson. The Katana is also kind of heavy and much more frail then western swords. Western swords have better steel, the Katana have to be folded into many layers to try and compensate for the poor melting process.


That's why samurais used kanabos and yaris.


Here's the truth about the vikings, most of them would wear leather armor into battle. During the time that they were active, making chain mail was a very expensive and time-consuming process that used metal that could be used for swords and axes.

UnLuCkY 13

Mail is designed to stop cutting blows, why wouldn't you use a thust?

Joey Central

In the defense of the Katana, no sword can cut through chainmail.

Gus Gor

What did you expect? No sword can cut chain mail like cloth.

Craig Nielsen

The one thing I find funny about this is people are acting like oh there was no damage. That is still like a baseball bat being swung at your abdomen. Blunt force trauma is still happening. Reduced because of the armor but at least you didn't get slashed.


Hey, they used real riveted maille for a change. No wonder.


Katana was a fine blade for the era it was mainly used but heavy armor for the European areas it was not us full, you need a long sword with weight to break bones.

St. Leus Alexander

As I understand, if the Japan was in Europe in medieval times! Their armies wouldnt have any chances aganist European powers! Speacially aganist armored knights and of course ottomans!


The reason why they did not try to thrust through the mail with katana is because it would have been just as ineffective. The tip of the katana is too broad to pierce riveted mail.

water foker

poke it

The King86

Here some more salt in the samurai wounds, that isn't even battle ready riveted mail thats costume butted mail. Riveted mail is ten times stronger then butted mail.

Yours Truely

chainmail is designed to stop exactly what the Katana does best: stopping cuts and slashes.
the katana can stab but i doubt it will be able to punch through a chainmail, cuz it has a broad tip!

Soldier Rocket

That is why i love Axes

The Dominator

me irl


Slash weapons are pretty much useless against chain armour. This is well documented in ancient Chinese warfares. By Song Dynasty China, virtually all slashing weapons were abandoned in favour of blunt force weapons or piecing weapons due to the effectiveness of chain armours. Hence most ancient Chinese warfares were fought with spears or bows. Japanese didn’t have access to iron chain armours so they kept on using swords.

YourAsianComrade 27

I like how people actually think samurai use katana as their primary but they mainly use bow, polearm and sometimes on horseback. Samurai do carry katana but they have many varieties and most of the times they rarely even use it. But who really care because the “Knight fanboy” will just comment bomb me.

even tho I’m one of those mongol fanboy

Connor Force

The hell were they expecting.
It's a bar of metal on the end of a stick hitting a collection of metal rings. Did they think it was gonna turn to ash. It doesn't matter if you use a Gladius, Arming Sword, Katana, etc, they're all metal on metal. That's like smacking two sticks together and expecting one of them to explode.

Jack Saw

I like his face when the weeb got debunked


Why is the asian dude act all surprise that the katana does not cut through chainmail lmao

Adamantius Cloudcat

Katana has a downback, it's a slasher. And chain mail is the big fat ugly thing against it.
Nevermind in my opinion a samurai will still win against mist medieval warriors. Because the sword was skillfully used. One single spog where it can slash and the samurai precision Wil cut down there. A hand, the neck, the ankle etc

Angelo Luna


YourAsianComrade 27

Also people will be saying longsword is way better than katana, I would say yes but there also the Japanese version, Odachi, just a bigger version of katana which would have done the same damage as longsword does in slashing, I would still say longsword have more option of fighting style but this also depend on which Odachi, some are just insanely too big.


that armor will give +100 DEFENSE Paladin Bonus skill +10 and +10 Resist Magic.

Charniel Duterte

Curb your katana's 'legendary power'

Ragnar Lodbrok

This is why the Ninja were seen as "Invincible" to the samurai. This is exactly why.
They were thought to be demons because of this.


There's a reason Katanas were only meant to slice soft tissue. Anything hard like bone or chainmail would stop a katana. Although maybe for softer bones a katana could shatter them by pure blunt force, but it will never slice cleanly

Paul A

It's just a sword after all.


He would've had a better chance of getting a small cat through stabbing it. It's almost impossible to get a cut from a slash when having a chain mail or mail in general since that is waht it was designed for. Though, a direct hit from a sword would still cause injuries and bruises and would still hurt like hell. You won't have cuts, but you WILL have swelling in areas especially if it hits bone like your wrist area


now try a thrust

Pablo andres Pizarro torres



I laugh at people who thought katana was what they used as a primary weapon. I love anime yes, but also a history nerd to know that its a fucking side arm.

I got bored of anime always showing some cliche fight scenes with swords, especially with European swords with their slashing similar to Japanese styles. Where's the half swording? That'd bs cool.

Trapper Scout

Maces and war hammers exist for a reason.

William King

Who would think that ANY sword would CUT through mail? At least with the strength of a human. Maybe if the tangential velocity equaled the speed of bullet, but in real life or rather in a real fight that's not the case.


So out of curiosity where's the stab portion of the test cause I want to see the full fail


there is only one way for u to pirece the chain armour

call in the wagon bois

A yeti with internet access

Keep in mind that the katana was more of a sceondary weapon

j u n i o r s a n t o s 0 1 1 7

Please call a high frequence katana (metal gear)

Salty Medpac

Oh daym the weebs are sweating.


This video is entirely DUMB. It's exactly like a bullet proof... Ya still gonna get hurt lol

The Man 316

See I like this test but I wish they woulda tried thrusting through it. I can tell that’s riveted mail so it would probably do ok against a thrust but that’s the best chance they would get through it

Carlos Granados

Then how can the Katana dude in Dark Souls 3 penetrate through my plate armor so easily smh?

rb 2k19

lmao..this is so dumb medieval japan armor is not made of chain mail katana is made for slashing.

J Smith

That's to be expected. Though the chainmail is shit against arrows and any stabbing weapon in general, but great against any cutting and slashing weapon. The main samurai's weapon was a bow, not a catana though, so while the Japanese have known the chainmail (aka kusari), they didn't see much use in it. Vikings, on the over hand, did not like bows that much and almost didn't use the cavalry with it's powerful spear charge. All their battles was mainly a sword and axe fight, and if their opponents used a bowmen, vikings did simply use their famous sword wall, wich was very effective defence against a hail of arrows. So chainmail was an ideal armor for them in their time period. For some mysterious reason, the Japanese dropped the use of shields long time before the Warring States Period. Again, the samurais didn't use the hail of arrows and always preferred to shoot their targets individually.

Cheung Franklin

But it would not survive a thrust.

cat Lord gamer

Video link


That is what happens when you use riveted mail , and not butted mail , wich it isnt Historically correct


very iconic the pigs r the true user of chainmail lmfao

David Perez Gonzalez

You simply cannot cut steel with steel if we are talking about good quality ones. Only with an enormous sword and a lot of force applied in order to create a lot of stress on the tinny area of contact, trying to surpass the ressistance of steel measured in kg per cm2 and defforming the sword or with the impact. But nobody can apply that force and on top of that the impact in real life is no against a static object, the body Will move back so the enormous quantity of movement is highly disipated.


Katanas were not designed to go against armor, they are mostly a cutting weapon. European swords were designed for blunt force because of this. It really depends on what kind of war is being fought that requires the right sword for the job.


You can also thrust with a Katana.

Suspense Fiction

Are the chainmill effectives

Stephan Watson

No sword CUTS through mail lol...I was here to see how a katana would do stabbing mail

Ben Pittman

To be fair, the Viking axe didn’t do anything against the samurai armor either


great.. Now try stabbing it.....


Legendary my ass crack

Paul Calugaru

And..... there was no Gamason (padded quilted horse hair coat) underneath! Studies have shown cuts have serious difficulties penetrating that alone. Horse hair was around 3/4 of an inch around vital areas... less than 1/4 inch in other areas ... often soliders fought with just a Gamazon and their colors


Do not make me laugh.
There is no fool to cut on the armor.
Aim for gaps in the neck, joints, etc.
The sword is for cutting.
It is not something to Pushing.

Cutting with a sword itself requires great skills. (1:40~)

There is no value in the results of wrong verification methods.

A katana is for one-on-one.
In war battle, spear is the main weapon.

From Google Translation.(by JP)


Fun fact, you cant cut steel armor with a steel sword, katana or otherwise. You need a metal thats harder than the one you're cutting.. This is just cringy weeb bashing. No one who held a katana ever claimed it can cut mail. Now try a yari on that mail. Katanas were the societal symbol of the samurai, not their main or even favorite weapon, just like pistols are symbolic of officers, but they main rifles in actual deployment. The samurai preferred bows, I know right, and spears like every other armed forces of the time with 2 functional brain cells to rub together. They want to kill the enemy from as far as possible and minimize the risk to themselves. Imagine that.. Trash drama from a trash show.

Swedish MeatBalls

Get fuckt weebs

Thach Manorom

Did you try to perce it lol.

Kurose Music

katanas makes no miracle... if you can't cut perfectly like ISAO MACHII, you will NOT do that. It require a lifetime practice to cut through metal.


Weebs cry everytime...

Went Hulk

Actually Chainmail can be cut if you know how and are strong enough. But plate armor that's not likely to work.

Haroun Habibi

Many people will be pissed of...

John Browning

This video is fucking autistic

Commissar P90



Gotta use a hammer or a mace for it mostly.

Sky shake D

Most of the Force absorbs ..... it swings on a Chain XD .... sooo..... eheheheheh every sword couldnt penetrate.....

Geist Drachen

I will say that in this episode of Deadliest Warrior they had the most unfair comparisons ever. They compared the viking's sword to the samurai's naginata and the Viking got the edge, then compared the dane axe to the katana and the Viking got the edge. Yet despite this the samurai still won in the fight. However, if you're going to compare weapons you need to do it right.

Brian Lopez

This kills the weeb

James White



historically the katana was never used when dealing with armored enemies. actually all over the world no one used swords to combat armor on battlefields. the japanese also used chainmail.


Katanas are dogshit.


This deadliest warrior was weird. First Katana vs Armor (which Samurai didnt do) unless they had to, which had them target weak spots not hit the armor full on. Then they had the Kanabo which is designed to deal with armored suit and they put it up against the shield? Samurai only used shields against Arrows so this match up is weird for me aswell. I get the Vikings have the best shield ever but it should of been against a different weapon.


Not gonna iie, the Katana performed waaaaay worse than I'd hoped.
I mean I didn't expect it to slice through it like paper, but damn. It didn't leave any kind of real cut at all!


That's made in China

kk kkk

Oh no a sword can't cut through an armor.....maybe that's what the whole point of the armor was?

Jr s

Chainmail was designed to counter what katana does best


I think uh, all swords couldn't go through Chain mail haha

Gavin Romero

These guys are probably 35 years old xD this is hilarious