How to Pick a Delivery Tracking Solution

If you’re not sure how to pick a delivery tracking solution, here are some things to consider. Consider if you need integration with your existing solutions, customization, reliability, and cost. And don’t forget to look at reviews from past users and customer reviews for added reassurance. Delivery tracking software can help you improve the overall quality of your customer service. And if you want to avoid losing valuable business by implementing an ineffective delivery tracking system, here are a few things to consider.

Integration with existing solutions

Using a delivery tracking solution can help you to manage and improve your company’s deliveries and processes. This type of tracking can track order status, estimated delivery time, and vehicle location. Other services offered by delivery tracking solutions include dispatch management, driver management, and proof of delivery. The latter service provides delivery tracking and dispatch information while the former allows you to create and maintain branded tracking pages and notify your customers of delivery status.


Achieving customer satisfaction is an important goal for executives, who must understand what components customers want to customize. That knowledge can help them figure out which options to offer and how to price customization. In the past, this analysis was extremely costly, but today, new technologies can help define the solution space and make customization transactions faster, easier, and less expensive. Here are some of the top ways that customization can help executives improve customer satisfaction:


When it comes to the cost of delivery tracking, it can range from $35,000 to over $180,00. This price depends on the complexity of the design, the features included, and the platform that the app runs on. The location of the leading mobile app development company will also play a factor in the price. Here are the benefits of delivery tracking. You will have an accurate picture of when a delivery is going to be made and when it is going to be dropped off.

The cost of last-mile delivery is the most expensive part of the fulfillment chain, resulting in an average of $10 per package. While businesses charge consumers an average of $8.08 per package, they take the rest out of their profit margins. Most deliveries are small packages, so this cost isn’t that high. However, large cargo can easily cost $50 per package. As such, it’s essential to track every single delivery to reduce the cost of failed deliveries.


The reliability of a delivery tracking system is important for a variety of reasons. It helps a company determine the success of its shipping and fulfillment processes by monitoring how well the products arrive. Reliability is a crucial element for gaining customer loyalty. Millennials are particularly loyal to brands and retailers, and when a product or service fails to arrive on time, a customer might feel disappointed. In addition, aiming for a consistent improvement in delivery times is costly and unreliable.

For a large-scale organization, achieving 100% accuracy is nearly impossible, but the industry can aim for more than 99% accuracy. Software solutions are essential to minimizing human error and other potential issues. Inaccurate shipping information can hurt a business’ bottom line and customer relationships. A missed time window or incorrect shipping address can result in a failed delivery. Failed deliveries can also increase fuel costs and working hours, which is costly.

Cost of a delivery tracking system

One of the best ways to improve your business is to install a delivery tracking system. This technology allows you to monitor your delivery fleet and know where it is at all times. It also offers real-time updates and alerts, as well as a digital receipt that can be shared with the customer. Cost is not the only factor to consider when choosing a delivery tracking system. Features, price, and deployment are all important aspects of the system.

The cost of a delivery tracking app varies from $35,000 to $180,00 depending on the features, design complexity, and the location of a leading mobile app development company. In addition, the software will depend on the platform that is used for the app development. Choosing the correct platform can also affect the price. If you are unsure about which platform to choose, you can always try out a free trial version to see how the system works for your needs.